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normal bloodwork/f


In 2013 an MRI discovered that I had growths on my thyroid. Since then I have kept them checked with FNA test and blood work, blood work and FNA have always been good. I'm now 49, and not the weight I once was just a 2 years ago 5'6 (145 now 175). I would say I eat very healthy. So, my question is why is my thyroid planting crops so to speak.

Thank you.

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What sort of 'growths'? Cyst? Nodules? Most people have nodules, even if they don't have a thyroid problem. Are they very large?

Do you have copies of your blood work results? Nobody can help you much without seeing them. 'Good' is just an opinion, and doctors have been known to be wrong!


Hello greygoose

They are nodules. I do not have the measurements with me but if they have grown the Endo dr was going to take it out due to it pushing on my windpipe. I was due for a recheck in Jan to see if they had grown which I do believe they have because I can feel the lump in my throat and sometimes can not get my throat comfortable at night when I sleep, so I believe they have grown (due to no insurance and paying cash to doctors I have not been able to return for the recheck). I will post my blood work when I get home today but thank you for your reply.


You're welcome. But, I would advise you to post your results in a new question, linked to this one, because this thread is way down the list by now, and hardly anyone else is going to see it. :)


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