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New NICE British National Formulary (BNF) site

Available now, old site will be disappearing from 19th June 2017. You can find it here:

So far I am absolutely amazed at the detailed pricing information. E.G. this page about levothyroxine:

The old NICE BNF site was here:

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For everyone who is affected by medicine prices, I hope none of us need an injection of liothyronine:

Powder for solution for injection All products

Liothyronine 20microgram powder for solution for injection vials (AMCo)

Active ingredients Size Unit NHS indicative price Drug tariff Drug tariff price

Liothyronine sodium 20 microgram

5 vial (POM) £1425.00 — —

(Apologies for poor formatting - that was directly copied from BNF.)

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The price the NHS 'pays' for drugs includes its own ludicrous admin charges. I payed less than one third of their price last time I bought levo. Those vials are crazy prices aren't they?

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I don't think there'll be much prescribing of Teva 12.5mcg. It would be cheaper to give away a pillcutter with 25mcg! Liquid thyroxine is incredibly pricey too.


The other thing that has annoyed me in the past when been an in patient. They know I'm not taking any of their medication but they insist I must be given some on discharge even when I say I'm not going to take it. My family would have come in with my supply to show I'm fully stocked! If that is still common practice that must push up the NHS outlay!


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