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Hypothyroidism and SVT

Hi :) I'm 23 and I've got hypothyroidism, I've been taking levothyroxine for around 3 years.

Recently I had an awful episode with my heart. It was the first time anything like this has happened to me. Rapid heart rate (nearly 200), chest pain, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, feeling dizzy and faint. I ended up in an ambulance, then resus and was admitted to the hospital. I was treated for a blood clot and then told it was SVT, some people only experience it once in their life and for others it's a daily problem.

I'm still struggling with episodes, daily. I'm waiting for my next cardiology appointment, and I'm on beta blockers in the mean time.

Had anyone else experienced this? And is it at all linked with hypothyroidism? Thanks!

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Hi Lamby,

I too had the same experience as you. I had fast heart rate near 200 bpm and ended up in A and E. I've been on a low dose of beta blocker ever since. The cardiologist told me this could be a one off or a regular thing. That was well over a year ago and I haven't had another major episode since. I do get occasional palpitations but nothing like the initial problem. I do feel what I eat and drink effects me though and can make the Palps worse. As to whether the SVT is linked to the thyroid then I think mine was as I had primary hyperthyroidism at the time ( although the hospital didn't find this, I asked my gp for a tsh a few weeks after) I can't answer if being hypo can give the same symptoms. I know how scary fast heart rate can be. It ruled my life for a while as I was so scared it would happen again, but I feel I'm over that now so am proof you can move on from it. Good luck.


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