Please as many people answer me as possible, going crazy!!!

Hello everyone...

I have heard so many people including the leaflet on the levothyroxine say that over medication causes anxiety...

What i want to know is how many of you with an under active thyroid have suffered anxiety or panic attacks when under medicated???

Please as many as possible reply so i know its not just me!!

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I used the Search Facility and it revealed over 1000 previous discussions on panic attacks on this forum in the above link .... maybe click and have a read. Later you will have some more questions with results and ranges ... :-) Will look out for them !

Thank you!... still waiting for blood results from the endo unfortunately :-(

Not had those problems.


Anxiety and panic attacks were not symptoms for me when I was over or under medicated.

Suffered frightening anxiety when I tried to go onto NDT.

Well, l get terrible anxiety when either under or over medicated.

I suffered from depression and anxiety. The problems went away when I started treating my nutritional deficiencies and treating my own thyroid.

Had anxiety and panic when overmedicated And with a Hashimoto swing into hyper but never whilst being undermedicated or hypo.

Hi Joesmum,

i have slightly raised antibodys, which i presume means i have hashimotos,

I,m thinking the anxiety attack and bad anxiety i suffered over xmas may be due to a swing into hyper because of the hashi... still have lingering anxiety but i just dont know what to think anymore, thyroid problems are so complex!! x

Terrible anxiety that hit everyday at 11am and 6pm everyday when I was under medicated. The more I raised it went away because I was using my adrenalin instead of thyroid to get through the day.

Read this!!

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