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Just diagnosed....HELP!!!!

Hi everyone, was told last night by gp that my thyroid is under active am new to this... also my potassium level is high... further test to be done Tuesday morning, I'm totally freaked!!! I know know...A.chilli you say, but I've kept off 2.1/2st...and I need to know if I can keep at a healthy weight... and just how difficult is it to tweak a diet that is comfortable to live with... sorry having a meltdown here... any help will be appreciated.x

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Hi libertylady!

Welcome to our group :) Has your GP prescribed any medication yet? Did he explain anything to you? It is good that you have kept your weight off. It can be tricky sometimes with weight loss and gain in the first few weeks/months, but once your body is got used to the medication and you are on the right dose, there should not really be a problem. Perhaps, keep a diary of what you are eating regarding calories, carbs etc.

I was born with a partial gland, so have been on medication all my life. Didn't have a problem with my weight, until they started messing me around, but that is a long long story and hopefully you won't experience that.

You say your potassium levels are high, what is the score on that? Do you need to change your diet, or have medication? Sometimes they may check, if they haven't already, your ferritin levels and other blood tests. This is to check you are not lacking in B12, or anaemic or low in vitamin D. They are similar symptoms as thyroid conditions and sometimes, walk hand in hand with the thyroid, especially under active.

The best advice I can offer at the moment especially in the first weeks is, listen to your body, sleep when you need too, take some "me" time. You may feel weepy, irritable, sensitive. Just remember it is not you, it is the condition. Once you are on the correct medication, you can lead a normal active life. Just take one day at a time. GP's don't always get things right, so if not happy or unsure, get a second opinion. The GP's etc tend to put everyone in a collective group - one medication suits all methodology, rather than on an individual basis. Everyone is different, everyone reacts differently. Their theories can also be outdated too as you will find out from other posts and they have been known to scare you in their theories ;) At the end of the day, you are the only one who knows how you really feel, they only know their experience from a text book! All we all crave for is quality of life.

Keep in touch and let us know how you get on.

Take care :)

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Thank you JollyDolly for such a quick reply, my HP says my potassium level is 5.8 and wants to start me on meds for thyroid on Tuesday have been backwards and forward to GPs of late... I have all the under active thyroid traits .a..I'm just desperate for things to just go back to some normality... oh also I'm Menopausal big time so WILL be going on HRT sadly (sorry this drug scares me).... diet wise I know I WILL adapt... just still a bit shocked that for once my symptoms weren't all in my head, sorry I'm so blooming emotional... not a great start on my first day is it...p.s not sleeping well either go figure x

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Hi libertylady,

I totally understand :) I am also menopausal (55 years young), late one granted, but getting to the stage where I seem to have PMT 24/7 practically. I am also in a grieving process for my dad, we lost him two weeks ago. Only just got over losing mum, a year ago and I also care for my younger sister, who also has a thyroid condition and Down Syndrome. You need to let your emotions out though and don't be sorry. It can be very stressful when something is new and health related.

The sleeping I can relate to as well, you have a lot on your mind at the moment. Sometimes I get that overtired, I am awake half the night but when I do go to sleep, I can sleep for hours and still feel like a zombie. Are you on levothyroxine or thyroxine (same thing really, the latter is the old name I have always used). Don't be alarmed if the dose goes, up and down for a while.

I am always here, although a little deaf, I have a good listening ear, so to speak. You can always message me if you want. Being cynical helps too ;) But that might just be me lol ;)

:) xx


How lucky am I... found a guardian Angel on a well, just been to my slimming club and told her the situation and thank god she BELIEVES ME now... don't know why it bothers me so much but I eat so healthy this all be it quite sudden ..since Christmas may make sence now... on top of the symptoms gaining weight again just tops it ...but anyway onwards and upwards... thank you for being here this morning... this Random morning when it all got just a bit to much x

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You are so welcome :) Are you doing Slimming World? I restarted last week. The trouble is no one really understands, unless they have a problem with their thyroid. If I counted the times, I have seen people raise their eye brows at me and judge me, than I would be a very rich lady lol. Always here to help :) xx


Hey Jolly, well been to SW this morning,1/2lb gain..did the same as last week which ide lost 2 .1/2lb...she was,nt interested still insisting my gain as nothing to do with thyroid... drives you mad... not that I can prove her wrong but one question I wonder if you can answer me why do I need to get a copy of my test results won't they be on my medical records?


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