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Acid reflux & something that's really worked for me

Hi everyone,

This is Peapod38's daughter just checking in on behalf of my mum who hasn't been on here for a while. You are all so wonderful and mum wanted to let you lovely people know that she's finally found a product that is doing amazingly well for her acid reflux, in the hope that sharing this, it will help some of you that suffer the same horror. It has drove her to the edge of her sanity in the past. She's tried everything from bicarb to ACV and everything in between. Whilst some have been helpful, she has still reluctantly had to take the poison known as omeprazole and recently she's found that all these brands are becoming increasingly horrible. So, she first started taking a pure Slippery Elm powder as a 'tea', albeit a 'wallpaper like' tea, and that was very helpful. However, after some further research, we found a capsule (vegicap) of Slippery Elm with Marshmallow and Rice Extract made by BioCare. It's called BioCare Plus and mum has been completely off omeprazole for 11 whole days! She is delighted beyond words and so am I, it was dreadful to see her suffer like she did. It's a joy to see something doing such an excellent job and being a good, natural product to boot. So there you go, hope that may help someone who comes here and beyond. Sending special thanks and good wishes to you all and a thank you wave to lovely shaws. xx

ps Dear mods, please don't think mum has forgotten her renewal, I'll be sending a cheque in to you soon. Many thanks x

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That's really wonderful news and that her stomach is healing and Mum is feeling so much better.

Best wishes to both as it is a worry when Mum's not so good and especially if they are under the care of a doctor. Some 'old fashioned' remedies do work better than many 'new' products.

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