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Mercury VS's Teva -Does the brand make a massive difference?

So..After thinking i'm going insane , sleeping ridiculous amounts, heart palps , doc saying my dosage is right ( I haven't got a copy as they said they would charge..? but seeing doc Mon so will have them)... I had a lightbulb moment and remembered that the pharmacist had changed the brand that I have been taking from Mercury (been on it for years) to the new mega (well in comparison to Mercury!) Teva pharmacist has said that they don't stock mercury any longer (I have literally just found one close to home that does...) so off I go to put a prescription in for Mercury branded Levo...

In all seriousness though would changing the brand of levo make such a difference ...Since they have changed this is when all of my symptoms have reappeared despite the doctors (receptionist may I add!) telling me that i'm in the 'normal' range (again..don't have the results to hand right now but will have them Mon) ...Any advice/experiences welcome... ?

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A change of make can have an enormous impact. A good pharmacist will order in the patient's preferred make.

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Yes it did to me i cant take mercury pharma levo makes me feel so ill insomnia, heart palps and much more i find i do okay on Wockhardt for me its the best of a bad bunch



Me too dotti,. but I feel just like you, that it is the best of a bad bunch.


Yes it really can make enormous difference.

See last paragraph

Also this

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Yes it can. Mercury pharma brand made me feel as though I was being poisoned and I had what several pharmacists described as an allergic reaction to the old Teva, to the extent the pharmacist recorded I was not to be dispensed Teva.


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