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I am new here. I am a 55 year old female. I recently went to my health clinic for my annual MOT/blood test. My TSH was 4.8 and the other two thyroid tests were within the normal range. The nurse has advised me to get retested in three months time and if results are similar to see the doctor. Is this result likely to change and does it indicate I have problem? I do suffer from fatigue and depression and I have developed pain in my wrists and hands. Any advice or insights please?

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  • Do you have the range for this TSH result, it's the numbers in brackets. Also what were the other thyroid tests and their results.

  • Sorry I don't but the nurse told me anything above 4.2 was highlighted as above normal on the TSH test. thanks for taking the time to reply.

  • The other test was T4 11.9. THe normal range is between 11 and 25. I spoke with the nurse today and in January they will repeat the test and test for antibodies. They do not normally test T3 but if the results indicate the lab will test T3 also. am I right in thinking that my T4 which is right at the bottom of normal along with my TSH is indicating a problem with underactive thryoid. Thanks for any help.

  • Balaine did they originally test for antibodies? The NHS only seems to test for one type and, from my own experience, this is probably due to GPs NOT being taught that there is more than one type of antibody.

    Yes, your T4 is at the bottom of the range but it is 'in range' so don't be surprised if GP ignores this. Your thyroid is clearly struggling and hopefully your next test will determine whether or not you need treatment.

    Do request copies of blood tests as per the recommendation of greygoose

  • Thanks for reply. No they have not tested for antibodies but nurse said that they will on the next test in January. Do you know what type of antibodies they test for and what the other one is called that they do not test for please. Information is power in these situations. Thanks.

  • They normally test TPO ab thyroperoxidase antibodies, the other types are TG ab antithyroglobulin antibodies and TSI ab Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin.

    Have a read here and, as you say, information is power:

    thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/index.... (left hand side)

  • They always like to see two high TSH results 3 months apart before they start to treat you for hypothyroidism. That's because having an infection can raise your TSH. Once you have two high results they should offer treatment, which will probably help your symptoms. There are hundreds of symptoms, you probably have a lot more of them than you recognise. Google for a list. If you want to stand a better chance of being treated go for your blood test first thing in the morning. TSH varies throughout the day and is highest first thing in the morning. (actually highest at about 3am!).

  • Thanks for that. I have not had an infection so do not expect results to be lower. The nurse said the lab flagged my result as a TSH reading of above 4.2 is considered above normal. Yes I do have other symptoms which I have been blaming on Menopause. I will go back for retest and hopefully get appropriate treatment . Looking forward to it actually. LOL

  • A word of advice : always, always ask for a print-out of your results for any blood test. It is your legal right to have one, under the 1998 Data Protection Act. Never just take your doctor's word for anything - especially nothing to do with thyroid. You always need to know exactly what was tested, and exactly what the result was, and keep your own records. :)

  • Thanks for that bit of advice. I will do in future.

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