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Hello Forum,

I have been ill having extreme fatigue, depression, dry skin and some form of dementia for the past 2 years and I have to my GP countless times and I have seen two psychiatrists and I have been prescribed various anti-depressants and ADHD medications. I have also tried various diets but to no avail. I was fortunate to read a book on hypothyroidism and all of the symptoms fit me to a "T". I booked an appointment with my GP immediately after for a test for hypothyroidism about 3 weeks ago. I also bought an OTC supplement for hypothyroidism called Nature Raw Thyroid and within 2 hours of using it, I can feel a huge difference; I was more energetic and I could remember things far more easily. I still have not received my test's results due to a severe miscommunication between the hospital and my GP. I am hopefully going to get the test results by Tuesday now.

My questions are as follows;

1. Should I just keep taking only the supplement I am taking to prevent a drug interaction or should I risk adding whatever I am prescribed by my GP with it?

2. I have already ordered Nature-Throid online since NDT looks like the most effective treatment for hypo, am I going to be over medicating myself if I useall the medication together?

Your advices are highly welcomed.


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As far as I understand natural raw thyroid OTC is a weaker form of NDT, which just means that you need much more of it than your NDT. At this point you need to make a decision whether to take levothyroxine (synthetic t4) if the GP prescribes it or DIY with NDT. I know some forum members do a combination but that seems to be after a few tries of different things and combo for maximum effectiveness (too advanced for me!). Levothyroxine works for many people- it did for me initially but I am much much better with just NDT. Also, NDT doesn't work for everyone nor are all brands of levo and ndt created equally (everyone has one which works best for them).

Most NHS GPs will freak out if you suggest natural thyroid, they are not on the NICE guidelines. The more sympathetic ones will agree to monitor the less sympathetic well... let's not go there! Hopefully if you go down the NDT route your GP will be there to help you. Otherwise, no biggie, that's what Blue Horizon blood tests are for.

What I'd suggest is to see what the GP say and also post your results here. There are some seriously well educated folks here who can help you analyse and to figure out what to do.

Good luck!


planetf1 NDT can be the most effective treatment for hypo for some people, but by no means is it right for all.

Is it Natural Sources Raw Thyroid you're taking? That is a thyroid glandular with unknown amounts of thyroid hormones in it. NDT always has stated amounts of T4 and T3, usually 38mcg T4 and 9mcg T3.

The best thing you can do is wait for your test results and see what is proposed by your doctor. If the following tests haven't been done it would be best to ask for them all, or do them privately and we can give you the information about that. You need




TPO antibodies

TG antibodies

Vit D




Once you have the results, make a new thread post the results (with reference ranges, very important) and members can help. The results will probably indicate which could be the best treatment for you, whether that be synthetic T4, a combination of synthetic T4/T3, NDT, and whether you have any nutritional deficiencies that need supplementing to optimal levels to help thyroid hormone to work.

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Thanks everyone.

I will try my best to get my GP to prescribe NDT for me.

I just don't want to lose this feeling I am having now.


Wean yourself off any anti-depressants they only confuse the issue. Depression is a SYMPTOM of hypothyroid not a separate diagnosis.

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