Prolactin level

Prolactin level

Hi everyone just want so help from people I had my bloods done a while back and my prolactin level was 5944, I had a MRI with contrast : it said there was is some subtle heterogeneity to the enhanced images. I got told my prolactin level was this high because where I used to be on very strong antiphyscotics , what does people think as I have started to get my headache back again !!! I stopped getting so I got discharged about 1year ago, but I was told that it could come back, as I have some cistis in both of my breast and they where both leaking milk so badly I could of feed the whole of the materiarty ward. Lol even though I have had a hystoreomey back in 2010 ! I am just worried that my headaches are back and that my prolactin is high and they will scan my head again to to that I have a tumours !!! Or I have tumours in my breasts what do people's thinks!!!!!

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  • When my prolactin level was over 800, I wasn't getting my period, and had milk discharge from my nipples, an MRI showed that I had a brain tumor and I was put on cabergoline. I also have hashimoto's but the brain tumor seems to have been the easier of the two to treat

  • Im assuming they have checked your Pituitary gland? I would insist on being sent to an Endocrinologist as they are the ones that manage this sort of thing. The headaches would be to do with the high levels I think. They can manage this with medication providing they rule out things first.

  • They where going to give me some meds but they where worried about it trigging off my mental health, as the drug they use can set off your mental health and I have only just got stable for the first time in my life. And I really want to stay that way!!!!

  • You really need to see an Endocrinologist I think as they are the specialists with hormones.

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