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i have been getting hot flashes lately with a really bad headache. Was wondering if anyone could relate to it .. I'm new to this and am very young . My body feels heated and I believe it is an overactive thyroid.. I also have been getting very itchy . Joint pain and stiffness . Abdominal pain after eating . Frequent bowel movements. My heart beats fast and I also get this chest pain . Someone please help me

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

If you believe you have an overactive thyroid you need to get this checked out by a doctor as soon as you can especially if you are getting chest pains. Chest pains themselves should never be ignored and I would advise you to take this seriously.

It does sound like over active thyroid is a possibility however a blood test is needed to confirm this as other conditions could cause similar symptoms (my husband has these symptoms with severe reactive hypoglycaemia, for example). You will then need appropriate treatment.

Please see your doctor. In the meantime someone with experience of overactive thyroid may be along soon to provide you with more information/insight.

I hope you get to the bottom of this soon.

Pink :)


I hope I do get to the bottom of this soon too because I'm really stressed out . What's making me worried most is these hot flashes .


Welcome to the forum, Painfulboy03.

You really need to make an appointment to see your GP. Some of your symptoms sound as though they could be due to an overactive thyroid and a thyroid function test can confirm it but abdominal pain after eating isn't a typical hyperthyroid symptom.


Ok so this abdominal pain usually is on the left side below my ribcage . It's a very sharp pain and I honestly don't know what it is . I did get a sonogram and it came back normal .



That type of pain is nothing to do with thyroid. You should go back to your GP and have the other symptoms checked out, particularly the chest pain.


hmm got me wondering.i went thru menopause at 52....suffered hot flushes for 6 years then went on hrt... bliss. on hrt for 4 years..been off hrt now for a year and the hot flushes are back with a vengence. thought i would have been past this by now. can central thyroid effect this


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