A couple of months ago I was having trouble sleeping.  After many sleep studies, I do not have sleep apnea but have oxygen desatuation.  No doctor can figure out the problem.  It is now affecting my brain where memory and concentration is a problem.  The doctor is saying that I have slow circulation of oxygen in the brain.  I am scared and since I have a stent, called cardiologist.  He is saying to get my cholestrol down.  I am frustrated...   I am wondering if anyone with thyroid disease has experienced this.  

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  • Years ago Before Thyroid blood tests, Doctors knew the connection between High Cholesterol and Low Thyroid (Hypothyroidism)

    Doctors treated the Low Thyroid with Natural Desiccated (Pigs) Thyroid, the cholesterol would come back down to normal blood levels and 'low' thyroid levels would return to back up to normal levels. 

    Don't expect your Doctor to know the old Cholesterol/Hypothyroid link though  :)

    Your memory and brain concentration might be down to just brain fog, my brain fog actually lifted quickly (overnight,) once I was on adequate Thyroid medication. 

    Did you have any bloods done ?

    Ask for a printout of your bloods and their (important) ranges and pop them up here on Thyroid UK.

    If not you can get your bloods done privately, even finger prick blood tests done in your own home. (We have done them at home) 

    Then pop up your results on here Thyroid Uk where you will be guided far better than before. Thyroid Uk have helped many in my Family who have been over looked by Medics. I now self treat and feel almost back to normal as can be as do my other 'missed' family members. 

    Oxygen problems can be caused by low thyroid levels and also low iron levels.

    Also B12 Deficiency mimics Low thyroid (Hypothyroidism.) Both B12 Deficiency and Low thyroid can present with symptoms of brain fog.

    Bloods needed for a full picture are:-

    TSH - Thyroid stimulating Hormone.

    FT4 _ Free T4

    FT3 - Free T3

    Vitamin B12

    Vitamin D


    Ferritin (stored Iron)


    TPO - Thyroid Peroxide

    TgAb - Thyroglobulin.


  • Thanks for your response.  I have an appointment with a endocrinologist next week.  I have seen numerous doctors and nothing.  New cardiologist tomorrow.  But, It appears that you understand my situation and with much prayers for you and me to have that full recovery.    

  • A friend of mine has been suffering from breathlessness for some time, and been sent to heart and lung specialists for tests. All of these tests came back clear, and she is now having breathing exercise physio for something called hypercapnia. It means she is shallow breathing, and not getting enough oxygen to her lungs.

    Might be worth checking out? 

  • thanks for your response.  I have been practicing those breathing excercises.

    This started after I had my gall bladder surgery so I thought maybe being put to sleep caused.  I am still practicing but looking for that miracle cure.  Hope your friend is feeling much better.  Thx


  • What you need are FT3, ferritin and vit B12 tests. If any of those are low, they will cause breathlessness. There are other causes, but those three are easy to check for, for a start. :)

  • Thanks....I will check those and I truly appreciate your reply.

    have a great day.

  • Thank you. You, too. I hope you find something to help. :)

  • God so do I.  I haven't had a good nights sleep since November.  My cholesteral is out the window and I have gained about 25lb...which I hate.  But, hopefully I can get to the bottom of what is happening.  THX  very much.

  • High cholesterol, weight-gain and breathlessness are all symptoms of hypothyroidism. Have you had your thyroid tested at all? Are you on any thyroid hormone replacement?

  • I am going to an endocrinologist on Monday with the hopes of a miracle. Of course all of the doctors are saying that I am in normal range...aint buying it.  There is a problem...especially since I have nodules that I know about.  I am also being told that I am borderline diabetic which i have never had a problem with before.  This after having my gall bladder removed.  It has taken me 3 months to get into see this guy.  small town living.  thanks!


  • OH! Well, that's another symptom. Lots of hypos need their gall bladders out. But doctors fail to see the connection.

    Have you already had thyroid tests? If so, post them and let us have a look.

    Ask your endo to test






    vit D

    vit B12



    He might not agree to all of them, but get as many as you can. THE most important is the FT3.

  • the only one that I have is the T4 and it was 11.6 I think.

  • Not even a TSH? That's unusual. 11.61 sounds low, but impossible to say without the range.

    Whenever you have a blood test, always, always ask for a print out of the results - with the ranges. It's your legal right to have one, and you need to know exactly what has been tested, and what the results were. You just can't trust your doctor to know what he's doing when it comes to thyroid, I'm afraid.

  • found the last test.  it is saying Thyroxine T-4 Serium 11.6 range 4.2-12.0.......Free T-4..........1.3 range .8-1.7

    Those are the only Thyroid test that I see

    Going to endogrinologist on Monday.  Praying he will be a smart doctor.,  All i know is that it took a long time to get into see him.

  • Something not quite right, there. Thyroxine T4 serum? Do you mean TT4? That's Total T4.

    For Free T4 you say it's 1.3. Well,  that's about mid-range, which is a bit low.  Just those two numbers on their own, Don't tell you very much. The most important number is the FT3.

  • I know dont tell me much at all.  Will hopefully, get answers on Monday.  I truly appreciate your replies today.  THX

  • You're welcome. :)

  • B12 is often depleted after anaesthetic is used for surgery. That might well be the cause of your breathlessness. It was one of the earliest symptoms I had , that meant my B12 levels were falling dangerously low. Low B12 can often occur alongside thyroid problems. Hope your endocrinologist will do a full range of blood tests. Best wishes MariLiz

  • THANKS!!!  appreciate your input.  Have a great evening.

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