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What should we NOT take before a blood test?

I know not to take my Levo (the dose before) but my next blood test in a week today is going to include my vitamin levels etc. too.

What I was wondering is this, as I normally take supplements every morning would I need to forget them for a couple of days or not please?

It's the first time I will have a fuller test, normally it has just been the basic thyroid blood test, but this time I asked the doctor if he would check more too.

Thanks a lot. x

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If you are supplementing B12 the test will be of little or no value - so save the NHS some dosh and leave that one out :-)  Results will be skewed.  Not sure of the others - depends what you are taking ?


I haven't been taking B12 for more than a couple of weeks. 

I bought a pack of high strength 1000pg(is it?) from Nature's Best after watching the video link that was posted on here about the doctor who was giving B12 jabs to a woman for her hair.

I also take calcium, hair/skin/nails formula, EPO, vitC & zinc daily at brekky time.

Then D3, iron and omega3 when I think about it. I'm not that good at remembering to take those. Lol



Stop supplementing iron 7-10 days prior to testing.  Everything else is fine but take them after your blood draw.


Thank you Clutter, much appreciated. x


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