Something that I have not seen on this forum.

when humidity Is high I feel really ill. Breathingproblems.  Swollen legs and worse if it is cloudy. Get headache s any one else have this problem. Live in Cornwall south west facing house which gets extremely hot and damp in winter with high mould problems constantly ill will congestion. Obviously very blessed when sunny and humidity drops but these days are rare now. Climate change definitely affecting health.

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  • Hi kjc1tisdell

     I'm not diagnosed with a thyroid disorder but have many symptoms. They started after I had an oopherectomy 4 years ago. I' ve suffered with non pitting edema since then too & mine definitely gets worse during hot humid weather. I've actually measured myself and the difference is huge, especially my ankles ( cankels) :-( but I generally swell all over. I too find breathing more difficult.  I'm not sure if this is a thyroid related symptom or not, my daughter is hypo & doesn't have edema, although she's very slim. I was a size 10 to 12 before my OP & very active, I'd been slim all of my adult life & chilhood & no obesity in my family.  I'm now a size 14 to 16 so the weight gain must play a part. I always associated edema with the kidneys because a friend's mother had kidney disease and edema but I now realise there are many different reasons for it.  I read recently that the best way to treat it is to have leg massage or massage yourself with anti inflammatory essential oils such as chamomile, Juniper, Fennel, teatree or lavender to encourage manual lymphatic drainage, It's also suggested that dry brushing beforehand helps too. I've also learned that the very best exercise for edema is the trampoline, I'm not about to run to Argos for one of those humongous ones though, you can get a 'trampette' or 'rebound' that are small & just made for one, some have bars to hold onto ( which I'm sure ill need). You could also try skipping if your up to it, I'm certainly not & wondering if I've the energy to bounce on the rebound but won't know until I try. You're right about the weather, I'm 50 and don't remember the summers being anywhere as humid as they are now when I was growing up. I don't know what you can do about the mould but it can't be good for you.Have you had any chest or lung problems? Oh & you could also try adding ginger, turmeric, garlic & cinnamon to meals or use them in teas or smoothies, they're all good for inflammation & lots of mineral water too or maybe we should just learn to walk on our hands:-) !

  • Thankyou for this info. I am same age but I think also my meds are a problem . I don't have a thyroid gland and still trying to get meds sorted and also 16 months into meno pause hormones all over the place.

  • Hello,  We too live in the southwest, in Devon, so I understand your weather issues. This past year has been particularly bad and this winter was the worst we've experienced in 29 years we've lived in our home on the coast - constant wind and rain.  This definitely impacts on my daughter's health.  That said, we have now discovered through visiting a doctor in the USA that she has mycotoxin illness.  This is caused by various moulds and can become very serious and weaken the immune system allowing other pathogens to also invade the body.  We thought for many years that she merely had a thyroid problem, but in fact she has a very serious and complex mix of illnesses that have caused her thyroid difficulties.  I'd be happy to share the information we have discovered if you send me a PM.   Jane x

  • Thanks this would be helpful as I'm worried about my children

  • Hi- when it is hot especially, I start to swell. Ankles first then everywhere else. When I go on holiday, I take size larger bras and loose clothing! Breathing changes and start coughing more. Hate it. Found a good herbal diuretic in Italy last year. Helped enormously. 

  • I hate taking prescribed medications but since being diagnosed with asthma I have to admit the low dose steroid inhaler is making a marked improvement on my breathing and allergy problems.  I have stopped coughing and do not feel so breathless.  I tried many different alternative therapies before succumbing to using an inhaler but nothing worked effectively.  It is almost bliss not to be suffering so much, I am concerned about long term effects but this is a situation I had no choice.

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