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I'm suffering from hypothyroidism and need any advice please :-)

 Hey people :-) I've never spoken online in my life so  here go's. .. I suffer from hypothyroid  I am on levothyroxine I have  ran out of my medication  over the weekend  I decided to check out on Google if I will be ok without my medicine over 2 days but I ended up on this site  I am  glad  as I have  seen  so many  people  suffering from the same  issues  as myself and not  being treated very well by there doctor's GPs  I hope someone  is there to ask a few  questions  too  as I'm new to being diagnosed and  could do with some advice please help 

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Welcome to our forum alittlebird.

You will be o.k. for two days without levo as it is long-lasting. Get your prescip tomorrow.

It is a relief when you find out you are not the only one to be struggling with hypothyroidism. Many of our members will respond to questions you may ask as we've all had different experiences but most of all, still complain of symptoms even though the doctor might pronounce 'normal' as regards blood tests but is willing to prescribe other medications for the symptoms but not a decent dose of thyroid hormones.

We have to read and learn and 2 years is long enough for you to know you are still struggling.

If you've not had a recent blood test ask for a new one as you have clinical symptoms. Ask for a Full Thyroid Function Test which includes more than the TSH. T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3, as well as Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

If your GP queries say you've had advice from the NHS Choices Thyroiduk.org.uk and want to recover your health.The procedure is to have the earliest blood test possible and don't eat before it, you can drink water. 

Allow 24 hours approx between last dose of levo and the test and take it afterwards. If you take hormones before it will skew results.

Get a print-out, with the ranges (these are important as labs differ) and post on a new question for comments.


Thanks so much for your advice....I am very grateful...I will be at the doctors ASAP and beacause of your message I will hopefully be able to get my GP to  help as all they ever say is "your blood test results were fine? " I am not fine I'm still sick but I thought I was wrong to ask any more questions at the doctors if my test Is "fine" I am on 25mcg of levothyroxine  but I'm not getting better I will be more asertive with the GP when I go back but they always say that they can only deal with one symptom at a time. ..I have many symptoms I just want to know what is wrong with me and if my tests are fine why are they still prescribing levothyroxine to me...I am freezing cold all the time I have muscle pain I am tired all the time even my eyes feel strange ...im so glad that there are people who are willing to help me with advice thankyou so very much :-)


My goodness, 25mcg of levo and on it for two years! The doctors have a lot to learn besides looking at a print-out. They should 'listen' and 'learn' from the patients. They don't ask or know about clinical symptoms which are supposed to be eradicated, not what might be the result of too low a dose.


alittlebird, you Don't want them to deal with the symptoms, you want them to deal with the root cause - your Under-active thyroid! And that is treated with an optimal dose of thyroid hormone replacement. 25 mcg is not an optimal dose.

Have you had many tests since you started on 25 mcg? What they should have done is test you after six weeks, and increase your dose by 25 mcg, then test again after six weeks, and increase by 25, and continue like that until all your symptoms have gone.

They have been very negligent - and are obviously very ignorant! It's time you took control of your health in your own hands. And the first step is to ask for copies of all your blood test results for the past two years. It is your legal right to have copies, they cannot refuse, but they might ask for a small charge to cover paper and ink.

Then, you post the results on here, and someone will help you understand them. I'm not surprised you feel bad. You are on a starter dose for gnat with cardiac problems. So, if you haven't had a test for more than a couple of months, ask for one now. And here's what you should be asking for :






vit D

vit B12



You might not get them all, but it doesn't hurt to ask, and shows them you mean business, and will not be fobbed off anymore!

Good luck! :)   

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Thanks for the info I've never been told about how to prepare for my blood work I've been hypothyroid for 26 years. I'm on 250mg thyroxine and also have problems with iron/ferritin , B's and. D's to. Suffered from fibromyalgia for years to. Only didn't find out no one told me Drs didn't bother at surgery. Was told by temporary consultant at hospital appointment. All makes sense now. I'm slowly  getting there. 

Deborah x


You now have to take matters into your own hands. Get a proper blood test and follow procedure. Ask GP for Free T4 and Free T3 too and say as you've been unwell for the whole 26years you are now, with advice from Thyroiduk.org.uk going to attempt, with his/her help to have a better quality of life with less pain. (We get used to being unwell and think that's as good as it gets). They labs might not do them but if not and you can afford it get your own from a recommended lab:


Some members who've used them can advise.

Now, for your Fibromyalgia:-



You can start by ticking off some of the symptoms you have for doctor:



If you run out, you can go to any pharmacy in the UK and ask if they will let you have a few tablets to get you through. The pharmacy may want information (GP, surgery, NHS number, dose, empty packet, last prescription tear-off, proof of address, etc. - try to take a bundle of stuff with you) but they are legally allowed to let you have those few tablets if they are satisfied with your answers.

Two days is sufficiently long for some people to start to feel distinctly under-medicated. (Actually, quite a number of people claim to feel better in the first day of not taking levothyroxine.) Others might not notice for far longer - several days.

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