Looks like I'm on my own with this then!

Had my Endo appointment a couple of weeks ago, I thought it went well, the consultant (from the nhs list) seemed really nice. He did say he would get me well and that it seems I haven't been on a high enough dose of Levo to make me feel better but said don't change your dose until I ring you on Monday 7th (appt. was the Wednesday before)... still waiting...!

Phoned Endo dept., they said there was a letter due to be signed and be sent out... Still waiting...!

Phoned again they said a letter had gone out, obviously they had only sent it to my GP from which I've also heard nothing so they said they would send me out the letter and I would get it in a couple of days... still waiting...!

Requested for consultant to ring me, guess what... still waiting!

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  • CABDutch, The review letter sent to my GP and copied to me generally arrives around 21 days after the clinic. Endo advises dose adjustments during the consultation though.

  • That's why boutique/concierge medicine is such a success in the US. Once again demonstrating just how bad income inequality has become.

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