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Hypothyroidism and 30 weeks pregnancy

Hello i am on my third trimester. My hTSH level is 1.94. i have been taking medication since 1st trimester. It is levothyroxine 50 second trimester my hTSH level was 0.46. but now it has increased to 1.94. My endocrinologist is on leave...i can't contact him. Is my TSH level normal?or should i increase the throxine dose? Please help. I am really worried. :(

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Guidelines vary a little. The USA ones say to keep TSH below 2.5 in the first trimester and below 3.0 in the second and third trimester. The BTF who are allied to the Britiish endocrinologists suggest keeping TSH below 2.0 throughout pregnancy. So in either case you shouldn't need to worry. Also, if I remember correctly, your baby will now have developed its own thyroid and will be producing its own hormone. I believe TSH rises during the third trimester.

If it were me (and I'm not a doctor) I would take an extra 50 mcg levothyroxine every two or three days until I could contact the endocrinologist.

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Csejinia, your baby will have developed his.her own thyroid gland at 12 weeks and will no longer be dependent on maternal hormone for good development. TSH 1.94 is in the low-normal range but I think Jimh111 has made a good suggestion to ensure it remains low-normal.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Good luck, and don't forget your vit D in these dark days, will you.

Here's a link to the European Thyroid guidelines on pregnancy - which will I hope either reassure, inform you or soothingly send you both to sleep.


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