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Zero tolerance to cyberbullying and trolling

HealthUnlocked are aware that there is currently a serious issue with cyberbullying and trolling in the Thyroid UK Community on HealthUnlocked.

Cyberbullying and trolling can be a serious criminal offence (Protection from Harassment Act 1997, Malicious Communications Act 1988) and we take allegations of cyberbullying and trolling very seriously.

We will actively cooperate with the police in cases where it is alleged that criminal offences have been committed by the posting of messages on HealthUnlocked.

This includes providing evidence that may support a prosecution and result in a conviction, which may carry a prison sentence.

In addition to banning and blocking trolls, we are also improving our technology to help detect cyberbullying, and are working to improve our processes on how we deal with users who commit these offences.

Help us to defeat the trolls by reporting abuse as soon as possible. To learn how to report abuse please read the following:

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Keep up the good work HU

Thank you



Thank you H/uvfor keeping on the ball and blocking messages ! You are doing all doing a great job x


I have no time for bullying of any sort so am surprised to learn that it is a serious issue on HU. Thank you for doing such a brilliant job in keeping on top of this horrible problem and sending out such a strong message that it just will not be tolerated. Am sure we all support you completely in your actions........x


Good to have found and read this post today HU, as others says keep up the good work.

Cyber bullying is happening everywhere these days, no matter the topic Dollychris, and where better to find people that on forums for the ill, old, lonely or vulnerable! In those situation, it's easy to think you've found a 'friend'!

Thats why it's good to click on the report button, for trolling or cyber bullying through being drip fed Pm's (not seen by anyone except the recipient) that ask personal irrelevant questions or give solutions which often fly in the face of things said by longstanding regular members, who write openly of their own condition/treatments over time. Not everyone gets into doing their own health research other than joining a community/forum for a quick fit answers.