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A new low!

Anyone who has read my previous posts will know the victimisation myself and both daughters have suffered due to the NHS.

I work as a support worker for the elderly in assisted living for a Methodist home so it is essential I have certain personality traits (honest, sympathetic, calm etc)

A man claiming to work for a Carlisle hospital rang my manager, gave personal information re my eldest daughter (27 yrs) and said there had been a multi agency safeguarding meeting re myself?? he stated that I had been abusive to nurses and the police were called!!, he said there was safeguarding issues re medication and he was just "sharing information " as I worked with vulnerable adults.

I cannot believe the depths these people will sink to. To put my job at risk with utter lies.

This information is now on my work record and yet again I am having to deal with their appalling actions.

My manager had panicked from the looks of it and had had a meeting with her bosses due to "safeguarding " concerns raised by him.

He mentioned all the ' right ' words to make her panic.

Abusive, police, safeguarding, medication, multi agency meeting (implying the seriousness of my actions '!!)

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I find it incredible that your Manager who has taken a call from 'someone' who remains most likely anonymous and has take action which is detrimental to you. Can people phone a company and give personal information about another person who doesn't work in that place but a relative does?

Has it been proven he exists - did he give his name, workplace, position. Can your workplace act on unsubstantiated accusations/rumours.

I could phone anywhere and pronounce this, that or anything and such phone calls have to be taken seriously where there is vulnerable people but your Manager has to ensure that the person has spoken the truth and is just not a very vindictive anonymous person.

Is there an organisation who could speak for you.

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This situation is ridiculous and I do find my managers action questionable but I guess she panicked??

I've thought of the same questions you've mentioned but I receive no help from any ' 'authority ' when requested. Many people refuse to believe drs can behave in this way


If it is a doctor can he can pass on any 'personal' info about a patient without their express opinion to a second party. I don't know the law.


No I wouldnt think so because it's breaching confidentiality because he was specific about it being my daughter and which clinic she was


And she's now angry at what they've done re breaching her privacy


Pls make an appontment at your local CAB office, they will give you good support and advice on how to deal with this, unless there are sugnificant proof/ evidence of these aligations, your manager cannot put this on your record. She too needs to learn the protocols and facts. If she panicked, she shouldn't be holding the manager's position. This is unprofessional.

I do hope that this can be sorted.

Best wishes x


When so many health

'professionals' are now involved my family appears to be ' fair game ' for any appalling treatment and slander. I can assure anyone reading this of one thing. The agencies such as the CQC do not act unless there has been a death. The police wouldn't act even tho my daughter was illegally held and medication withheld causing physical and mental harm. Its clear that ' authorities ' stick together no matter the cost to people's lives


No, but I think there may have been a breach of the Data Protection Act.

I think the suggestion to speak to Citizens' Advice is a good one - please don't let this drop without making it clear there has been a breach of confidence.


As ryanbone said, Citizens Advice Bureau would be the place I would go in your shoes.

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