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A symptom question

Hi guys.

One of the biggest & most difficult symptom to deal with is the feeling in my head. It's like the lower part of my scull is in a vice. It makes me feel all fuzzy and like I'm seeing the world through a kind of fog. And the tinnitis is beyond loud. Especially at nighttime. Anyone experience this? Will this go away if I eventually get to the bottom of why I feel so rubbish? I don't I can live with this constant feeling. It's horrid 😥

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Have you had your B12 tested Berlidders?

Autoimmune e thyroid disease and PA/B12 are often interlinked and symptoms overlap but head pain, tinnitus, blurred vision, etc. could be neurological signs of a B12 deficiency. These are helpful links for information and advice:

Latest Cmim/BMJ research document:

" Summary:

* Vitamin B12 deficiency is a common but serious condition

* Clinical presentation may not be obvious thus leading to complex issues around diagnosis and treatment.

* There is no ideal test to define deficiency and therefore the clinical condition of the patient is of utmost importance."

* There is evidence that new techniques, such as measurement of holotranscobalamin and methylmalonic acid levels seem useful in more accurately defining deficiency.

* If clinical features suggest deficiency, then it is important to treat patients to avoid neurological impairment even if there may be discordance between test results and clinical features.

It is important to recognise that clinical features of deficiency can manifest without anaemia and also without low serum vitamin B12 levels. In these cases, treatment should still be given without delay."


I had really low b12 in October last year. Docs gave me injections which I'm still having now. Last test showed my b12 levels as normal. But this symptoms have only arrived in the last month. going to get a copy of the actual level of b12 and see if it's 'normal' or not. I feel so bizarre all the time!


Your levels will probably be high if you're already having injections but this only reflects the levels in the blood, not the tissues. The neurological symptoms should continue to be treated as per guidelines regardless of blood test results.

Extract from the BCSH guidelines:

" The BNF advises that patients presenting with neurological symptoms should receive 1000 ug i.m. on alternate days until there is no further improvement".

The film explains why it is essential to treat quickly and adequately as there is a short window of opportunity before neurological symptoms become irreversible.


Gosh you're right. I'm learning so much lately. The difference between blood levels and cellular activity is the key to all this stuff it seems. Thanks for your replies on this. It really helps. X


What does i.m mean?


I have been getting similar things going on, headaches, dizziness, numbness round my head and tinnitus. After 6 months on stable dose of T4 it is a lot better but still not perfect yet. Also get your vitamin D tested and get it up to optimum levels, I use better you 3000iu spray this has helped a lot it reduces inflammation in the body. And while the sun is out get lots of that too without burning!


You could be low in magnesium - most people are - try taking about 400 mg daily and see if it helps.


I'll give that a go. Do you think taking b12 as a lozenge might help too?


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