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Requesting a Higher Dose


I just wondered if a request for a higher dose can be legally denied if a patient is symptomatic of hypothyroidism, even when the results look good.

I just wondered if a patient could formally make a request or whether it is all a matter of finding a sympathetic doctor/endo?

I remember when I relapsed with Coeliac Disease, I found out from the society's info that I could formally request a referral which could not be denied. I just wondered if there would be a similar process to patients in regard to their medication, especially with thyroxine which has such an all-encompassing effect on how the body function.

Many thanks :)

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Nade, Doctor's can't be forced to prescribe a dose they think is too high when blood tests indicate dosing is adequate. If you can't persuade your GP to trial you a higher dose to see whether symptoms resolve, you may have to find a more sympathetic doctor or self medicate.


Many thanks for your reply :)


Hi Nadenud,

Just wondering if your GP has checked your levels of B12, ferritin and folate? If these are low your current level of medication may not being absorbed properly.

This was an issue for me, and Low B12 does seem to be linked with thyroid problems. Good luck with finding a solution. MariLiz


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