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What do my blood test results mean?! Please help!

What do my blood test results mean?! Please help!

Got tested for hypothyroidism, told I was fine, and handed these results, but as I've told my doctor who doesn't seem that interested, I'm NOT fine, had no period for six months and suffered mood swings and depression as well as erratic weight gain.

Do these blood test results tell me anything? What should I do next?

Thank you!!

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I am sorry you've not yet had a response. I am not good at blood tests but someone who has knowledge will respond when they read your post.


Unfortunately it's a little difficult to know because the printout doesn't include any reference ranges and these vary from lab to lab, especially thyroid tests.

One thing I have noticed, however, is that your ferritin is much to low for a woman. There was research last year that showed that women benefit from taking iron supplements if their ferritin is below 50. Yours is only 23. Generally it is considered by many people that ferritin should be around 70-90 for optimal health. Your low ferritin could most definitely be affecting how you feel.

As your ferritin is rather low, it is likely that you are low on some other things as well. It would be helpful to get tested for folate, vitamin B12 and vitamin D. As your GP has categorically told you it's not your thyroid (not sure I agree but difficult to tell without reference ranges) he should have no trouble testing these things as they could explain your symptoms. If your folate comes back below 12 you may benefit from supplements. If your B12 comes back below 500 you will probably benefit from supplementing. These numbers are well within the ranges but there are disagreements about those ranges. The vitamin D ranges are good though.

Whe supplementing with iron to increase your ferritin, it is also wise to take a B vitamin complex and vitamin C at the same time. Make sure you stop the B vitamins a couple of weeks at least before testing. It may even be wise to wait until after the tests before supplementing.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to help with the thyroid results.

Carolyn x


Can[t tell much as most items don't give ranges. Your ferritin is dreadfully low (so your B12 and folate are probably low too). these being low stops you from converting T4 to t3 (and your T4 isn't great - although no range given so hard to say how not great). No NHS GP will treat you for hypo with those results, though.


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