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I am posting a link to a Petition by and this is an excerpt from a response:

16 May 2015 — It is vital that we regain our freedom to choose, without artificial barriers to whatever medication we decide is best for us. There are many eminent doctors and scientists who are offering real cures for the benefit of mankind, but they are routinely and ruthlessly repressed by a medical establishment that is controlled by a pharmaceutical industry that is interested in one thing only: profit, at the sacrifice of real care.

Very often there are better treatments available, but doctors throughout the world are legally prevented from prescribing them. Yes, there is a need for checks and balances but this process should not be controlled by the large pharmaceutical companies as it clearly is today.

Judging by many of the comments made here on this petition, there are some heart-wrenching stories left untold. We have to campaign against government-backed bodies like the MHRA that are simply created to stifle real, often natural, alternative treatments that big pharma cannot profit from.

Please share this petition with as many friends and family as possible.

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Signed and shared!


Signed .


I've signed and shared


I'm about to tackle my new MP about this issue. I'm doing it on the grounds that under EU legislation, we all should have the right to live and work wherever we choose in the EU. Well, if you are dependent on the whim of a doctor to prescribe a medication that is not on ' the list', then you cannot risk moving outside of his catchment area. Your right to live and work anywhere in the EU is therefore interfered with.

I want the law changed to say that if anybody has been on an unlisted medication such as NDT for over 12 months, they should have an automatic right to have that medication prescribed indefinitely, ie they could move to a new area, and their GP or specialist in that area would have to continue prescribing their medication.

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You definitely have a point there. As we have a 'life-long' threatening condition our medication shouldn't/cannot be according to the 'rules of the country we go to".

It will be interesting to get a reply from your MP. In fact maybe it should go further to the Health Secretary but, of course, with the cartel (it would seem) of the BTA, RCoP we might not stand a chance. It's like someone who cannot take codeine for instance being forced to take it despite its side effects on them.


It's not just moving country. What if you want to move a few miles away from the catchment area of the doctor who is prescribing you an unlicensed medication? In effect, I can't move away from where I am now.

And what if the doctor concerned moves away for some reason?


You would be in a pickle. It's good you thought about it before anything arises which would put your meds in jeopardy. What is the solution? Thinking caps are required.


We have to get the rules changed - that's for sure. I thought that I'd try our new MP to see what happens, but perhaps a large petition is required too.

I was going to take my case to the European Court of Human Rights, but I understand that there is a waiting list of many years.


Maybe have already thought of something we can do.


Signed x


Signed and passed on. Hopefully they will get many more signatures and get it into parliament.

It must be possible for government to take control of the health of this country away from BigPharma. I am amazed they let them get away with it for so long.

It should not be down to large wholesalers to dictate what meds we can have and how much the health service has to pay. In any other business it is the size of the end users orders that dictate the price of goods.

Rant over,



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