Not sure what to do

Hi all I have hashis been waiting for follow up appointment with endo and of course had to make my own appointment can't get in until the 22nd july as they didn't bother I really don't feel well I keep sweating,shaking my eyelashes are falling out I'm on 75 Levo during week and 50 Saturday and Sunday do you think I should up the Levo.I posted about 3 weeks ago re trochantric bursitis am going for injection today

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  • Lifeback, do you have recent thyroid results you can post? Sweating and shaking can be signs of overmedication so I'm not sure that increasing your dose is the right thing to do.

  • Thanks for reply clutter I don't think I have the last ones think they have them at hospital but will have a look.if not will phone them and ask for them to b sent to me x

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