Sensitivity to labels/sore neck

This is an odd question aside from my other questions. Has anyone ever suffered from increased sensitivity to labels on the inside neck of clothing garments whilst suffering from Graves. I have been suffering from this as well as joint pain and stiffness since coming off the meds several weeks ago. It may well not be linked but seems really strange. I have to cut all labels out clothing as they scratch me and it's bugging me to death! My previous questions have stated that bloods are on the lower end of the scale but within range. Just awaiting anti bodies testing tomorrow.

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  • William, I became very sensitive to labels, particularly at the nape of the neck, but I had Hashimoto's not Graves. Ruined several things trying to unpick or cut out the label, too :( It's not something I notice since my thyroidectomy but I don't know whether it's because Hashi's is dormant or thyroid replacement is optimal.

  • Thank goodness it's not just me then Clutter. Lol. Yep I've ruined a lovely cashmere jumper this week from picking it with scissors. So annoying. I'm diagnosed as possible Graves 2 years back. At docs again Monday so I think I need to ask more questions about auto immune disease.

  • William, I used a dressmaking stitch unpicker and ripped through the fabric on more than one occasion. Didn't help that hands were unsteady.

    It takes time for your body to adjust to not being on antithyroid meds and you're in early days still. I hope you have a long and permanent remission :)

  • I have hashimotos and cannot stand labels.. The skin on the back of my neck itches like crazy if there is any label at all.

    ( My husband says my skin itches even if someone has just thought about adding a label. Lol)

    I think there is a special type of fabric which is designed specially for labels, it has the highest itch factor known.

    G x

  • Those extra long plastic-y ones they put in too .. ugh. I have Graves but sensitive dry skin with my Rheumatoid so hate these labels. I itch in the place they are too at the back of the neck. Or if they catch you in the side . . M&S have about four labels in the bottom side seam now!

  • Oops posted in the wrong box below but you will no doubt see that. Yes, I have Graves and am label sensitive. Have also cut labels. Also sensitive to plastic on my skin and allergic to Elastoplast ... they leave a red embossed replica of the plaster on my skin!

  • Wow! I've got Graves and I've lost count of the number of times recently that I've taken the labels out of clothes. Mostly from the neck but I have also taken them from the waistbands of trousers. I thought it was just me. Amazing to read that it's not.

  • Me too, I have always been an irritable beast regarding labels, I too have ruined many garments trying to remove the labels, some manufacturers use such tiny stitches. I have holes in many a jumper or dress, I also attack the multitude of labels in the side of the garments. Sure it may not be just because I have a thyroid problem, but that I am becoming more and more irritable as I get older. Groan!

  • I have to remove them from the sides, as well - and from the back of my knickers! And yesterday I had to remove the label from Inside a new woolly hat because it was irritating my scalp! And I said to my daughter, as I was doing it, 'I hate labels!' lol And to think some people buy some clothes just for the labels! lol

  • Hello. The problem is with the labels - you are fine. Many people have this problem, it is due to the nasty thread used in the labels, and it drives lots of people mad, without any illness attached.

    Increasingly clothing companies are aware of this and going over to directly printed labels as they formerly didn't have the technology to print indelibly. Now the backs of t-shirts etc often have printed labels.

    I used to have to cut the labels out and unpick the stitches, sometimes where this nasty nylon thread is used (to attack night dress straps, seaming trousers, I have sewn a soft binding (bias binding type) or ribbon over the offending seam. So don't worry, it is not your thyroid, it is bad manufacturing. A stitch unpicker and magnifying glass could be your best friends.

  • but the printing inside garments also causes me irritation!

  • I am extremely sensitive to labels, drives me mad! I am hypoT but don't think any connection, just the way a person is!! At least the pesky things can be cut out!!!

  • Cutting them can sometimes make things worse! It leaves sharp edges. I have sometimes spent hours after having cut a label, picking out the threads of the remains from between the stitches. It really is annoying.

  • I never gave it a thought about the connection but I have been sensitive to labels for I don't know how long. Thought it was just me

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