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just been diagnosed today......Dentist says to have thyroid tests too....Dr says last one was normal (TSH 4.16). I want a private referral to an Endo in South Devon....can anyone recommend someone at the R D&E or Torbay Hospital or similar.

thanks dogtired

Endo recommendations via Private Messages please in line with posting guideline #24, thank you, Clutter.

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Dogtired, email for a list of recommended endos.

Sjogrens is an autoimmune disease which often goes hand in hand with thyroid disease. HU have a Sjogrens forum and you can also search this forum for posts on Sjogrens.

TSH 4.16 is at the high end of normal. If your thyroid test was 3 months ago it is worth asking your GP to do it again and to test thyroid peroxidase for autoimmune thyroid disease. Have the blood test early in the morning when TSH is highest.

You might also ask for ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate to be tested as they are often low in hypothyroid patients and cause symptoms of fatigue and musculoskeletal pain and low mood.

You can also order private tests from Blue Horizon and Genova via

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Thankyou Clutter for the helpful info....will do...dogtired


Did you have a biopsy done to confirm Sjogrens? Low thyoid/ Hashimotos can dry out the mouth and eyes too and swell the salivary glands.


No..... 2 Dentists made the assessment and I'de had my suspicions about to have private tests done. thans for that you know where I can read more about it?


I don't think you can get a definite diagnosis without a biopsy to see if the glands are being attacked by your immune system.. I would get thyroid labs done again. Try and get free t4 and free t3 and tPO antibodies. Most low thyroid is caused by Hashimoto, an autoimmune condition. I was told i may have Sjogrens because my salivary glands absorbed die on a scan i had done and the ones under my jaw look swollen at times, but will also go away when on a higher dose of t3. I did not follow through with testing. When Hypo, you just dry and and swell. I would google Hypothyroidism and pouting sublinguals, also symptoms of Hashimoto, also Hypothyroidism's effect on saliva and eyes. Thyroid manager is a good site


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