Does anybody suffer from ptosis? I have problems with both upper eyelids when I'm tired. I know it can occur with both hypo & hyper. According to an article on Medlink 'Ptosis occurs in 50% to 75% of hypothyroid patients' - interesting read (cache only)


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No muscle problems in eyelids?

Hi I am hyperthyroid and although I have mo diagnosis of ptosis I have had droopimg of my left eyelid since I was in my twenties. My right eye looks bigger than my left as my right looks a bit closed .Do you have this problem?

Meant left looks bit closed!

Hi sazzyb. Never heard of it before but I've just looked it up and the funny thing is my right top eyelid does droop a bit. I've only noticed this over the past few months. I guess that might be what I've got!

Hi p1pp1ns & Caroline,

Thanks for replying. I'm intrigued about this muscle problem because although the article says 'Ptosis occurs in 50% to 75% of hypothyroid patients' I've never met anybody else with the problem other than people with Myasthenia which is an autoimmune neuromuscular disease. (I was tested for it about 9 years ago but was seronegative.) The neurologist said it could be Horner's syndrome but I don't think so because I believe you only sweat on one half of your face with it. My lid droops when I'm tired, in the evenings I can feel the muscle getting fatigued then the lid closes. Often when I wake in the morning one of my eyelids won't open, mainly my right lid but sometimes my left, it can either take a few minutes or even up to half an hour before I can open my eye. Can be annoying if I'm in a rush! Can either of you feel the lid muscle getting tired? This is a good read and mentions thyroid disease:

Hi no not noticed it any more tired than the normal one? Having looked at images of ptosis it does look like mine! I have noticed for 30 years you can seemore of one eye than the other !

I don't feel so alone now! Mine shows in photos (when I'm tired) In the family pics at Christmas there's me with one eye half shut, and that's without a drink, lol. Didn't even realise until the pics were developed.

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