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Hypothyroidism versus hyperthyroidism

This website gives out excellent advice on managing hypothyroidism (which i've got) and hyperthyroidism. However, when reading some of the posts it is difficult to work out whether treatments are being suggested for hypo or hyperthryoid conditions. Those of us suffering from hypothyroidism might accidentally take advice from a post which is dealing with hyperthyroidism without realising until it is too late. Is there any way of differentiating between the two so that confusion is lessened. I don't know how practical this would be but t's just an idea. thanks Ozthyroid

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The point has been made several times. I don't believe it is possible for numerous reasons:

New people are often so lost they would have no way of tagging their questions appropriately.

People with, for example, Hashimoto's often switch between the two states, sometimes quite frequently,

In many ways, hypothyroidism and over-treated hyperthyroidism, or hyperthyroidism and over-treated hypothyroidism, are often very similar with lots of overlaps.

Medicines such as propranolol are used in hyperthyroidism and simply as a beta-blocker (though it still affects thyroid hormones). Again, things like coming off propranolol as a hypothyroid person, could be similar to being slightly hyperthyroid.

Some people have blood test results which shout "hyperthyroidism" yet appear hypothyroid.

Threads, and even individual responses, often include both, especially for those treated for hyperthyroidism who very often end up hypothyroid. So classifying threads is next to impossible. And I don't think it feasible to classify individual posts.

Nevertheless, your point is important.


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yes, I can see your point. It is a very complicated matter, too complicated I guess to sort through individual posts. And whose prepared to do that anyway! thanks Rod for your prompt response on my confusion between advice being given to hyper - and hypo- sufferers! Ozthyroid


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