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Thyroid and depression

My mum was diagnosis end last year with thyroid she has been on levothyroxine 50g

But she seems to of got worse now but all her tests are ok

She has no energy can't be bothered to do anything keeps on shaking and won't go out so they now said she has depression

She is now seeing a specialist who has prescribed her copra lam I think that's how you spell it she is now getting more headaches and having nightmares just seems by reading here maybe her tests aren't rightcan anyone help as this isn't like my mum

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I am sorry your mother is unwell and that you are obviously worrying about her.

To be diagnosed only towards the end of last year could mean that she has still reached an optimum of medication.

Hypothyroidism/depression can go hand in hand. The Thyroid Gland hormones are T4 and T3 (thyroxine and liothyronine). When you have hypothyroidism the hormone is replaced by levothyroxine (T4) an inactive synthetic hormone which should convert to the active hormone (T3) but sometimes it doesn't convert to enough. T3 is needed by the receptor cells of which there are billions in the body and each one needs T3 for the body to function adequately.

If you search at the top of the page for hypothryoidism and depression, you will see that there have been quite a few questions on this topic.

If you can get a print-out from the surgery of your Mother's latest blood test results, with the ranges (as labs differ) and post them on a new question for members to comment on. If the doctor hasn't checked for Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these to be done too as they are usually deficient.

Many doctors do not know how to treat thyroid gland problems, except make a diagnosis according to the TSH (which means Thyroid Stimulating Hormone which is actually from the Pituitary Gland) and when it is within 'normal range' the patient is told that clinical symptoms she still has are dismissed as 'nothing to do with the thyroid gland' but that isn't the case.

We have billions of T3 receptor cells throughout our body and we cannot function if too low and the brain contains the most receptor cells. Some people have emotional symptoms as well as other clinical symptoms.

When your Mother has a new thyroid gland test, she shouldn't take any medication until afterwards and have the test as early as possible in the morning. You take the medication with 1 glass of water and don't eat for approx 1 hour so food doesn't interfere with the uptake.

Sometimes we have to go private in order to get well but reading and learning (which you will have to do) is also preferable. We eventually appear to more than the doctors and many have to make themselves well.

50mcg is also a starting dose but if the TSH is within 'normal range' many doctors don't increase the medication as they believe (wrongly) that any other clinical symptoms are nothing to do with the thyroid gland.

Go to the date June 8, 2001 on this archived link and you will see the effect of a low dose of levo (synthroid is the USA name).

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Thank you for your advice I got it wrong it's a year 6 months will get her to ask about get ting vitamins checked too


This is an article on the full thyroid function tests. Not often done by GP's and it is self-explanatory especially on the Free T3.

You may be interested in this webinar. Information has just arrived.

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Most doctors are PAID to prescribe anti-depressants so take care!! Depression etc is a symptom of not having enough thyroxine.


My Doc asked if I was feeling depressed :O (I was feeling sad and almost in tears 'cos I thought Doc wasn't going to up my Levothyroxine and I was afraid I was never going to feel better again.)

I was shocked to be asked about depression when I didn't have it as it was like being 'pushed' into being labeled depressed. I mentioned that I did have brain fog, now all gone once Levo taken on an empty stomach, but brain fog isn't what I call depression, also told Doc I was feeling too happy to be depressed. If I was depressed I would have admitted it myself.

GP's must be on a commission bases for depression pills I reckon. ;)


Thank you for that but doctor has said to see a psych artist specialist as all blood tests are normal and specialist has said I have depression hard really don't want to tell them there job


Can you ask the physchiatrist to prescribe some T3 for your mother as she has hypothyroidism. He should know all about T3 and the effect it should have.


They don't all know. A woman where I work had a tsh of 8. something and nothing was done. Just carried on with the antid's


Well you should!! If they don't know who's going to tell them? Its your body and your life, they can go home at 5 pm and forget about it, can you?


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