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Taking Levothyroxine for 4 years for Hashimoto's now gluten issues can anybody relate to this?

Hi I am a 53 yr old female & have suffered a long time with what I know now is autoimmune Hashimotos, I have also been diagnosed with severe knee OA & fibromyalgia. Over the past few years my gut symptoms have been worsening until just before Xmas this year where I became worse with bloating, pain & other things that go with that! I have had two celiac tests one with dr & one with endo both negative. I had stopped eating gluten before the 2nd test so had to cram it in for a week before. Felt bad again. Can anyone help & relate to this?

Many thanks castlepoint.

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Is it possible for you to get a copy of your latest thyroid gland blood tests, with the ranges, so that members can comment on them.

If you haven't had a recent one, ask for a new Thyroid Function Test (which lab may not do if your TSH is within range). You can have a private blood test.

Have the test as early as possible and do NOT take medication until afterwards. If you've eaten leave 2 hours each side of taking meds as food can interfere with the uptake.

If you've not had a Vitamin B12. Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these to be done as they can be deficient.

You could be undermedicated if the GP is keeping your TSH within 'normal range' as that's what many believe is the right thing to do but may keep us unwell. Bloating may also be a clinical symptom of hypo.



If you are low in T3 then your digestion will be poor - everything slows down when thyroid levels and treatment are not optimal......

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Your Hashimoto's antibodies feed on gluten. Remove the gluten and you should alleviate your symptoms, at least to some degree.

Some practitioners would advise anyone diagnosed with Hashis to go gluten free as a matter of course.

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I was diagnosed hypo 7 years ago at age of 56 and took levo. I had previously been diagnosed food intolerant and avoided wheat and eggs. Last year I became very ill and tests showed I had high TPO anti bodies -levesl of 110 so I read about autoimmune issues and hypo. I decided to go gluten and dairy free. A month later my TPO levels were down to 75 and my latest test shows them down to 20!! I will be sticking with gluten and egg free from now on and will see how I get on with some dairy. Apparently well fermented yoghurt and some hard cheese, also butter are OK, but the lactose in milk is the problem. There are plenty of books on autoimmune issues. I have Robb Wolf "the paleo solution" Terry Wahls "the Wahls protocol" and others have mentioned Isabella Wentz "the root cause" Gluten tests are not accurate and there is some ongoing research about them and how they might be more accurate. The fact you felt worse when you went back onto gluten tells you that you should avoid it. You need to read all food labels very carefully. I tend to make most of my meals from scratch. A pain I know, but worth it if you feel better. Hope you soon improve


Thankyou so much for your response, I have been avoiding normal milk and been drinking the lacto free too. Today I had a coffee out and with milk and I have had indigestion all day. I have been working very hard at not eating any gluten and have felt a great deal better. But its though people think you are just faddy not that it is really important for your well being. I will look into the books you mentioned thank you again.


Thanks to everyone for your replies, it is really heartening to be able to know that others have issues as well with the same things.


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