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More advice needed please?

Just thought I'd ask for a bit more advice as I'm wondering if anyone else is having same problems as me. I'm a bit out of my depth to be honest, I've written several blogs about my thyroid problems but I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere with doctors! I was diagnosed with mild hyperthyroidism a year ago even though ALL of my symptoms pointed to me being hypo. The fact that they said my condition was only mild completely astounded me because I had days where I felt so ill I was actually afraid! My endocrine doctor said I had multi nodules and a hot nodule to my thyroid gland (I hope I'm explaining this correctly and I'm making sense) I was told that the treatment for this was 5mg of Carbimazole daily for a year and that usually sorts the problem out.

I had an FNA about 9 months ago, my goitre felt so much better afterwards, there was less pressure in my neck and I no longer felt like I wanted to cough something up but when I went back for the results, the hospital said they hadn't got enough "material" to analyse and wanted to repeat the FNA in 6 months, so 3 months ago I went back to have the procedure again but the consultant decided not to do it because during the ultrasound scan it was discovered that the hot nodule had "collapsed in on itself" and was shrinking?

I have been suffering from really bad neck pain recently, not in just one place but several, especially around my collar bone and I once again feel like I want to cough mucus up ( sorry for being so graphic) I'm back at the hospital again at the end of the month and I'm just hoping that this time my doctor will actually LISTEN to me because these neck pains just can't be right! Has anyone else had similar symptoms?

Thank you


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Hi Caz

Sorry you had no replies - for future reference, people tend to get a better response in the Questions section... Hopefully someone with relevant knowledge will pick this up from Latest Activity...

Have you got your latest thyroid bloods, with the ranges.

Also, please confirm if you are currently on treatment and what dosage..

Please can you also detail the other symptoms...

This information will help people to better offer informed support..




Thank you Louise, actually it's this forum which has kept me sane over the past 12 months! No, I haven't any recent blood results, I'm due to have my bloods done next week before my appointment with the endo doctor so I'll know more then! The only medication I'm on for my thyroid is 5mg Carbimazole daily which I've been told is the normal treatment for a hot nodule and I have to take it for a year, which I have. My other symptoms are widespread joint pain, chronic tendonitis in both Achilles heels, mood swings and a degree if depression! My GP put me on a hormone replacement, Kliovance, as she believes my other symptoms could also be due to menopause, I haven't seen the slightest improvement to my well being after taking the HRT for the past 6 months and wonder if it's worth it? I just want to feel well again! I have no interest in anything, all I want to do is sleep, I'm chronically fatigued all the time!



Sorry to hear of all your problems! :(

Please pop back with results once you have them!

I'm still hoping that someone with personal knowledge - or at least a lot better HypER knowledge than me will pop up with help...



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