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Hi all

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in nov 2013 and was started on 50mcg of levothyroxine went back to gp after 8wks and levels were still very low and was increased to 100mcg a day although my gp said she wouldn't be suprised if I get to 175-200mcg a day....eekk! I am 34 and have three small children under the age of 5 and am struggling massivly my symptoms don't seem to have eased at all in the last three weeks I have had 5 bad days, as I call them, when I wake up freezing cold cannot get warm have numb fingers a horrible cough headache fuzzy head and just feel lousy. I have increased my dosage to 150mcg a day but am still feeling pants much worse around ovulation and during my period. I am having a phone consultation with my gp tomorrow but I'm becoming a bit desperate how long does it take to get levels correct? Is there anything I'm not doing that I should be any advice would be greatly received....many thanks Carla x

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oldestnewest can take several months to find the correct level - we are all so different. It would be helpful if you could post your latest blood tests with results and their ranges. Always good to ask for all test results from your GP so you are able to monitor your own progress.

Have you had all the routine tests done - B12 Ferritin Folate Iron VitD - for a start. They all need to be HIGH in their ranges for good absorption of thyroid hormones and for the conversion of your T4 tablet into the ACTIVE T3 hormone. Doctors are rarely aware of vitamin levels and think T4 should solve all your problems.

You have a busy and demanding family life and you need to be feeling well - so insist on these tests. Also ensure it is not just the TSH that is tested - also the FT3 FT4 and if you continue to be unwell - then the anti-bodies as well....Anti-TPO Anti-Tg

As you still have symptoms something is not quite right - so keep asking questions and reading.....take a look at the posts on the right of this page under the heading Browse by Category - you may find something - or go to the Thyroid UK website - detailed at the top of this page above the purple bar. LOADS of excellent information to prepare you for the Doc....

Good Luck :-)

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Hi Parsons5,

As Marz said, it can take a good few months to get the levels right, it is best not to worry too much at this stage - you can expect to have good days and bad days. Getting hte right tests done, is really important, and getting your doctor or Endo on board to do this tests early could help you get the right treatment sooner.

Having three children under 5 is enough to tire anyone out, let alone when their thyroid levels are being adjusted :-).

Do remember to tell your doctor all the sypmtoms you have - it might help to keep a log of this at the end of each day with the top 5 symptoms and see how you go.

If you feel things are getting much worse, you should definitely tell your doctor right away, but do rest assured that it should take time - it is a hormone and they need time to adjust.

Also, when making your log, it is a good idea to keep track of how much sleep you are getting, where you are in your cycle and if you have any colds / flu. For example, if you have low iron levels you will notice this particularly during your period.

Hope this helps to reassure you, but know you can always call the docs if you are concerned.

Big Hugs,


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thanks so much for the replies...I haven' my actual levels but will get them today. as I said I am beginning to get a bit desperate and just want to be 'me' again!! will re-post later after chatting with gp....thanks again for taking the time to reply carla x


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