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I have underactive throyid and my results for tsh were 6.53 on 75 mg so they were increased to 100 mg and now my levels are 0.1

My doctor said she was concerned about my result yo yoing, as I never seem to be In the correct ranges Any thoughs / advice on my results keep changing so much !

The only symptoms I have are pain in neck and generally aches pain nothing to bad x

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She should not adjust your dose, as that in itself can cause you more problems. When she raised your dose from 75mcg to 100, what did she expect to happen? Of course, your TSH will come down but it is how you feel that is more important once you are on medication but no-one appears to have told the doctors this fact.

Dr Toft says in his article in Pulse Online that some need a suppressed TSH to feel well, so tell your doctor to look up Pulse Online.

If you still have aches/pains, maybe she could reduce your T4 and add some T3, the T3 is the active hormone our cells need.


I haven't found many references to Dr Toft on the Pulse website at all. Could you give a link to the article you refer to?


Why I said for the doctor to look it up is I am annoyed that doctors should know this information. Information to try to enable the patient to recover but they insist in keeping them within range and as Dr Lowe said sets them up for more serious diseases or weight gain.

If you would like a copy email


Okay, thanks. :)


I don't think she expected it to go down that much. She wanted to change it again one day 100 then 75 next and retest in eight weeks but we have agreed I will stay on same medication and test in three weeks.,


Ask your GP to test Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies (TPoAb) and Throglobulin antibodies (TgAb). Make sure you always request your blood results with lab ref ranges via print out or verbally. Your yo-yoing is symptomatic of TPoAb autoimmune disease (Hashimoto's). Request ferritin, vitD, B12 and folate are also tested as hypothyroid patients are often deficient or low in range in these vitamins and minerals.

Treatment is the same as for primary hypothyroidism but means TSH result can fluctuate and even show normal. This makes it important that FT4 is tested to see whether sufficient is produced to convert to FT3 in the liver. GP will have to insist labs test FT4 as they often refuse when TSH is in range.


Thank you I will request that these are tested in three weeks when I attend . It's strange they don't automatically test.


Some GPs understand so little about the thyroid it's surprising they test at all! Others think it unnecessary as treatment is the same as for hypothyroidism. Having one autoimmune disease can predispose you to others so it is important for the patient to know to my mind.

If you do feel over medicated take your GPs advice and alternate 100mcg/75mcg.


Costs ? The NHS isn't about prevention....


Oh my god ! You guys are good - wish my doctors were like you, you seem so knowledgable. I think I need to read up so I can understand this condition a little bit better. The doctor said did say that the only possibly reason for the changes is they are testing to early ( testing every six weeks as want to get the right level before trying to conceive x



Six weeks is the recommended time after dose changes to retest. However, two weeks is not unreasonable and I was being retested at 10 day intervals in December.

There is good information re conception and pregnancy in hypothyroid women in this thread

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