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My doc has refused to let me go on Armour or any other decassitated drug due to guidelines from clinical commissioning groups and - cont -

Endocrinologists. Have been on levo for over 25 yrs. Feel symptoms I am getting are same as listed on leaflet - diagnosed with essential tremour. Had sleep issues for as long as I can remember stress anxiety etc. Have other people had problems getting this from their doc? Wouldnt really want to go on it without reg testing. Not suredoc would do it if I went on my own on this. On 75 ml for yrs. Cant go higher due to AF symptoms with higher amount. Feel tired most of time. Dont feel I should feel like this at 58.

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I am sorry you cannot get your doctor to prescribe NDT. Some endocrinologists do but they are few and far between. The BTA makes false statements on their guidelines about natural dessicated thyroid hormones and the GPs don't like to vary, as you can understand.

We get frustrated when we don't get well or feel better on levothyroxine, many appear to do o.k. and we do want the opportunity to try and alternative. I have tried several NDT's until I found one that suited.

The cost of levothyroxine is about £1.50 per month which seems pitiful if it makes you feel unwell whereas on natural dessicated around £15 (approx as I cannot find my receipt) for 3 months plus £7 for next day delivery.

If you are able to have a private consultation (it can be quite expensive) you may be able to get a prescription but you would have to fund it yourself. If you email she has a list of NHS Endos/private doctors who may prescribe. Some may add T3 to your T4 and that may help you.

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Thanks for this info. I will email Louise.

Happy and healthy New Year!


Yep, welcome to the club. I self medicate with ndt and it has transformed my health. I get my own blood tests done. You do not need to let useless NHS gps destroy your health. I only wish i had done it sooner as i lost years of my life and very nearly became too ill to work

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