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New Thyroid Organisation in Norway

New Thyroid Organisation in Norway

Thyroid UK now has links with a new thyroid organisation in Norway.

Anne Marie Rosenvold, President told us "Thyroidea Norge (Thyroid Norway) is a newly formed organization for thyroid sufferers in Norway. Our aim is to educate the thyroid patient so she may have the tools necessary to have an informed dialog with her GP. We believe knowledge is power, and hope to have a position in which we educate the population in general.

We also want to work towards an international co-operation as the problems we suffer with bad diagnostic tools, inferior research and inadequate treatment is world-wide. We want to work with lobbying towards politicians to improve our rights in the Norwegian social security system and to promote more and better research in this area.

We also hope to have a dialogue with endocrinologists and GPs so that we may work together towards improving the situation for thyroid sufferers.

Our slogan: We believe in improvement is possible!"

If you know anyone from Norway who needs help with their thyroid conditions send them their website:

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If their organisation helps as many as this one then they'll be on to a winner.

Wishing them good luck in their new venture.

Moggie x

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I too would like to wish them good luck ..........such a beautiful country. I am in love with their scenery for painting and also Grieg's music......I am struggling to imagine that within that wonderful environment there are people suffering thyroid problems.....all that pure fresh air and all that fish they eat......It just shows how little we know.I have to add a footnote though that I only speak as a tourist and am a bit of a romantic.

The reality is obviously something different.I hope all goes well with their organisation. X


A reminder, if one were needed, that the treatment of thyroid disorders tends to be poor in most countries. If not all.

There may be pockets of relative excellence around the globe, especially for those with large bank balances. I strongly suspect that even then they are not absolute heights of excellence.



Not enough sunshine - so possible Low VitD - even though they have oily fish ! There are lots of Norwegians living here in Crete - and a few thyroid suspects too :-) More imaginary leaflets required to hand out !


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