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Under active thyroid with weigh problems

I have taken Levothyroxine for over 27 years having regular yearly tests . This year my medication was decreased to 125 mcg. My weight has increased bit by bit yearly, I have tried diet clubs and food diaries, recently a health trainer who says my diet is good plus I exercise 3-4 times a week in the gym cardio and weights.

Has any one any ideas for me

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what is a good diet from one may not be a good diet for you if you are hypo. I would suggest taking another look at your diet and tweet it for optimum results. diet is key. also what intensity are you working at in the gym. try mixing it up. Our bodies get accustom to routine very quickly. Hope this helps.


A very important point is that if you exercise and use up all your available supply of T3 (The active hormone, converted from Levo) than when you eat it will go straight to fat because T3 is needed to process your food.

Diets will do absolutely nothing no matter how hard you try if you are not on enough Thyroxine or T3 to enable your body to function properly.

Another mistake many make is to go too low on the carbs which will make conversion of T4 to T3 less efficient, because your body needs a certain level of carbs to do this. True, you DO need to restrict simple cars because they can cause blood sugar spikes, but rather than exclude carbs, swop them for complex carbs.

You also need a sensible intake of GOOD fats - no, not sunflower spread or oil, they are NOT good fats. An example of a good balance of fats is a mix each day of butter and Olive oil.

Contrary to popular wisdom, a low fat diet is not a good way to lose weight (a) because you are starving your brain of essential nutrients and your body of its main vehicle for Vitamin D, and (b) because most low-fat foods have the fat replaced by harmful substances like sugars, especially fructose which has a low glycemic index but is converted to fat in the liver.

MOST important, why did your doctor reduce the thyroxine if you have been putting weight on? Do you have your last test results? If you put them on here, with the ranges, you will get better support and more relevant advice.

Marie XX

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Many thanks for your reply, my doc just said the thyroid result was too high and needed lowering. I will ask the results when I see him shortly


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