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back to morning dosing....and how do i go about it??

i have another never ends and i apologise!

after last bloods werent looking that great, about 3 weeks after starting night dosing, have increased to 75/100 alternate days.

im wondering if my levels dropped cos i started taking levo at night..i know there is a lot of different opinions on dosing times, and tbh night time works best for me convienience-wise, but i feel ill by bedtime so think i will try to switch back again and maybe give it a month till next bloods.

Do i take 75 tonight then 100 in morning? surely that will overdose me....maybe 25 tonight then 75 in the morning...??? sitting here trying to do eltroxin maths.

you have to laugh ;)

thanks for any advice.....AGAIN!!

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I would just miss tonight's dose and begin tomorrow. Levo has a half life of 7 days.


That's what I thought too, you will still get your dose within 24hours. X

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thanks shaws x


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