post baby hypothyroidsm Help anyone please Thinking of speeding endo appointment by going private as so poorly how does it work ????

hi please can anybody help me with this iv had bad hypo symptoms for going on 3 half months now i have mananged to get my doctor to hopefully refer me to a endo with the help and support of this fantastic website im getting desperate now as so poorly iv been told to go in next week they will book me appointment on system i do have the option to go private which im considering as so rubbish with the same endo but i just dont know how it works once you book a private appointment and the cost ? can you pay for a consulation and then get back through nhs referal for future visits or do you have to continue staying private whats the choices i had 3 lots of bloods in the last 6 weeks has anybody had any experience and good advice much appreciated my aim is to get the medication i think im right in saying i do need sap and i have not got the funds for lots of appointments

many thanks

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  • Hi Sarah, I personally would advise you to go private with your first appointment. Then you can see them on nhs after. Basically you jump the queue. If you can afford it then go for it. I saw my Endo privately on my first appointment, the nhs referral was 4 months off. My appointment was nearly 2 hours long, I was diagnosed and started thyroxine. Best money I've ever spent. Just wish I had done it earlier. X

  • Thanks sparkly i think your right i have to bite the bullet and not hesitate if you dont mind me asking how do you go about getting back on nhs after the appointment is it through doctors that what confuses me thanks for your reply i realy appreciate it


  • Hi Sarah, just say to your consultant you would like to see them on the nhs from now on. This is common practice when you are a self pay patient. When you are feeling so ill, even a week is too long to wait, but a whole lot better then 4 months. Good luck. X

  • hey sparkly you been really helpful thanks so much i feel more confident now when i go i just did not have a clue hope you feel brighter soon


  • I'm sorry you are so unwell. If you email louise.warvill@thyroiduk she has a list of NHS Endos/doctors

  • thanks shaws iv got the thyroid uk info pack im in lancashire and does not seem to be much round me x

  • I hope you get an appointment quickly.

  • update got to go in tues to make appointment I decided to get a blue horizon home test t4 tsh as my appointments for recent bloods were not first thing in morning im going to do them first thing when i wake since i feel m yutter worst then might be a waste of money and not looking forward to getting 0.6 ml out my fingers of blood but anything i can do to support my case im going to try keep you posted. thanks everyone i hope i can eventually give something back to this forum xxx

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