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nicotine patch and levothyroxine

i didnt give a thought until just now, i know the champix was safe but are the patches and gum, i was supposed to have been off the levothyroxine when the patches were prescribed and ive only just collected them today

it does say talk to dr or nurse if you have an overactive thyroid but no mention of underactive

im failing miserably at giving up

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mandy72, your not failing at giving up if you are still trying.

With hindsight I can see that my many attempts would work well for a few months and then (I know now but not then) I would become more hypothyroid and in my misery would consume anything that gave me some oooomph to get through an hour...a day.. a cigi a coffee bag of sweets wine.. just to relieve the brain fog and it worked...but only for seconds or minutes and the whole cycle would go on.

When you have the hypo under better control you will, I am sure be able to stay stopped.... a bit like... you need to feel a little Better to find the strength to get Well.

It was not solely wanting to stop smoking that did it for me. It was when I felt a bit better on levothyroxine that I could stay stopped.

Nicotine lozenges worked well for me.....did upset my guts and got all the symptoms described in leaflet but it was still better than all the silent killers in a cigarette which disrupt every bodily function.

Champix (and similar antidepressants) muddled the thyroid symptoms and did not help me stay stopped.

I would like to send you links on medical opinions 'studies' on affects of smoking (not all bad but you win some you lose some scenario!)however cannot find them right now.

For me Levothyroxine is not the complete answer but it has helped me reach a better functioning level to enable me not to self destruct. Just breathing in to count of five (or what count suits) holding that breath..then breathing out has got me pleasantly through some scary cravings and symptoms. Time for a fag..I'd love one but I can do without it. Wishing you Well. Wyn


hi , just to say i gave up smoking dec [so 7mts for me] used patches for 5mts of that, gave up because i knew i was ill will something [under active thyroid gland] was told at the end of june. So glad i have been able to give up, my 30 a day habit.


I did not want to give up, I enjoyed it but my endo told me I had no choice - it was lose the fags or lose your eyesight - and she gave me champion.

I remember smoking my last cigarette the night before my "give

up" day laughing to myself that it would never work :-)

That was 5th Jan 2011 !!!!!!!

It will happen for you, never give up giving up x


* champix*


well done to those who have given up as i know how hard it is

ive been trying on and off for 3 1/2 years i did manage to use an e cig a few years ao but found i was constantly puffing on it so ended up costing as much as cigs and it was another habit to try and break, i got a fair few kids too so stress dont help lol

in all honesty ive not been right for a few years now and i think its scared me and i smoked more, hopefully once i get meds sorted and start feeling better ill find it easier, allso with the skin condition (hidradenitis) and that causes a great deal of pain which means i tend to smoke more (try explaining that to the smoking nurse who allso deals with my condition, her answer is bin all cigs ect)


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