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Tests - where, what, who with etc?

Firstly many thanks for all the helpful replies I've received to other posts on here!

My GP seems reluctant to do any more tests but has done a Hashimotos test and my antibodies seem fine. I'm starting to feel like I'm pestering her and she's making me feel a bit like a hypochondriac.

Therefore I would like further tests but getting really confused as to what tests I should try to organise independently. Also struggling to find where to have them done, or should I see specialist consultant first (privately?) etc. etc.

Read on here that problems could also be adrenal so want to include this in my tests, along with a full set of thyroid tests.

So my question really is what tests do I specifically need, where can I get them done and should they be done in any specific order. I understand I may need to go private and pay and that's fine. I really want to work out a clear and complete plan on how to move forward - I have found sites offering various tests but I can't even make sense exactly what specific test would be best to have. If anyone can let me know the precise name of each test and where to get them done that would be so so helpful!

As usual... many thanks in advance and regards to all!

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Our main Thyroid UK website has some info on private tests, so if you haven't already done so, that might be a good place to look.

Many people go with the adrenal saliva test through Genova Diagnostics. Simply spit in a tube in the comfort of your own home and post the tubes back to Genova.

Details on the TUK discounts leaflet here

For thyroid tests, you could go with the home finger prick test kits through Blue Horizon. Again, this can be done in the comfort of your own home, so no need for a phlebotomist

Detaiils on the TUK discounts leaflet here

If your GP won't do your vitamin D, then the home kit from here is good value for money

If you have questions about any of the above after you've looked at the info, lots of members here have used them so just ask and hopefully someone will be around to help out.


Thanks for the reply, any idea which adrenal test is most appropriate? There are 3 on Genova: Adrenal - Thyroid Profile, Adrenal Stress Profile and Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Profile.

As far as the thyroid ones go there are also 2: Thyroid Plus and Total Thyroid Screen. The Thyroid Plus does Reverse T3 (whatever that is!) - is it worth paying the extra cost to have that tested?

Have ordered the Vit D one so thanks for that link.


Don't worry about pestering your GP. That's what she's there for! And if she'd done her job correctly in the first place (i.e. doing all the right tests) you wouldn't have to pester her. After all, she gets paid well-enough for it! And YOU are paying her! Make her earn it.

Hugs, Grey


Thanks Grey, yes I agree but in reality it just isn't so easy, she always smiles nicely and says don't worry let's see you in 2 weeks again and hopefully you'll be feeling better! I'm paying now so if anything comes back will go and see her with the results of the tests.


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