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My Cold Just Went

That may not sound like an achievement. But the usual routine when I get a virus of any sort is that I have the virus and may not be too bad. Then it starts to go and after a couple of days I come crashing down and feel 10 times worse. This, allegedly, is my "ME".

3 weeks ago I had the ghastly cold that's going the round. Left eye glues together, ulcers all over my tongue, horrid chesty cough, blocked right ear, swollen throat. You know how it goes.

But it's gone. Completely and for the first time in years I haven't come crashing down.

Coincidence? I don't think so. It's the thyroid/adrenal meds I'm taking.

If this happens to you and you've been told you have ME, get your adrenals tested and get yourself on thyroid and adrenal support, even if your doc is the usual waste of space type who can't be ******ed to see past the end of his extremely prominent proboscis.

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Same problem "it is the ME" they say.I've had 3 viral glandular infections this year. Just started on the adrenal/thyroid supplements via Dr P. How long had you been on them before you noticed a difference?


I was put on thyroxine last Nov and added in one each of Nutri thyroid and nutri adrenal myself. I saw Dr P a week ago and he's told me work up to 4 a day of nutri adrenal extra and then increase the NT til I feel I have the best effect. Currently I'm taking 2 x NAX (increasing to 3 tomorrow), 2 NT and just 25mg thyroxine. The thyroxine alone made a huge difference for me. I'm excited to see how much better I can get on Dr P's regime, given time.


I have always suffered with throat infections... I had one recently which disappeared after 2 days .... White spots n all. I usually need a course of antibiotics and a week off! I also had a streaming cold which disappeared overnight only leaving me with a rather sore n crusty nose!!! Weird! :/


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