FODMAP diet and porridge

Hello, I am currently in the first week of the FODMAP diet, I normally eat rice krispies for my breakfast which I know are allowed on the diet but since starting the diet I have been having porridge for a change as it's tasty, so far I feel no different I understand that it is only early, I'm fine all morning then as soon as I eat lunch whatever it is I'm bloated and really bad wind all afternoon, does anyone get worst after eating porridge? cheers

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  • The short answer is yes. Two comments - 1) oats ie porridge are low FODMAP but some people react to even gluten-free grains including oats, and it's possible you're one of them. Oats have something in that is soothing to the stomach lining, and I used to use porridge as the fall-back food to eat for a bad stomach, but when I was at my worst I was getting more gas &c from porridge as well as so many other things. Why not try going back to rice krispies for a few days and see if it helps? 2) People's reaction times after eating a food that disagrees with them vary quite a lot. It depends where in your digestive system the reaction is happening, how fast your digestion processes food, and so on. It's not clear if you're reacting to what you ate for breakfast, what you ate for lunch, or maybe even something you ate the night before or even just that there's long-term irritation in your gut somewhere and once breakfast - any breakfast - gets that far through your system the fireworks start. If you can work out how long between when you eat something that disagrees with you and the reaction, then it's not difficult to work out what foods are disagreeing with you - it's working out the reaction time that I found really difficult when I was getting a reaction on a daily basis. Good luck!

  • Oats are recommended a lot but they don`t agree with me - make me feel bloated and also seem to make bm`s more sticky (sorry). I had one flapjack last week and was much worse the day after.

    Rice crispies seem to be ok for me but eating boiled white rice doesn`t agree with me at all - and it is something else which is recommended all of the time!

  • You'll almost certainly find that there are some 'safe' foods on FODMAPs which will give you a problem. Mine was sweetcorn which is still a real no-no.

    I've seen a lot of posts on here from people who can't tolerate oats, so you're not alone.

  • I also eat porridge and love it but don't know if it affects me. I will be following the FODMAP diet soon once I am back from holiday. I do know that there are some people on here that have said they cannot eat oats.

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