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Fed up


So I've suffered with IBS for years; so many other things link to it though, that I often don't know what's going on.

More recently, in addition to the IBS, I have been diagnosed with Gallstones. It's strange as the symptoms I have are diarrhea, acute pain etc etc.. sound familiar? I eat a healthy diet, avoid white bread, fatty foods, but I don't seem to get a break. In reading about this, contrary to the belief that gallstones develop due to a bad diet, it seems though, stress pays a part.

The link between stress, IBS and Gallstones is most deviniteky there. Fingers crossed, once I've had a little op, I'll. be fine. Thought I'd share this info, in case it helps others get to the "bottom"' of their issue.

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Hi, understand how you feel. I have had a 'Dysfunctional' gut for years. It can be very demoralising. Had all the usual investigations but just left with IBS. Had my gallbladder removed a few years ago.

Have you tried the FODMAP diet ? It is recommended and seemed to improve my condition, nothing dramatic but noticeable. A bit of an effort initially but worth trying.


I haven't but will give it a go. Thanks

I tried the aloe cleanse as well; that really helped me. Also, drinking lots of water helps, not sure why but it does.

Thanks for your message.. I



They say that drinking lots of water helps things move along i.e. I suffer with predominately IBS C, which I have to say I count myself as lucky as some of those with D can't even go out the door! I drink more water than I used to and find that it helps quite a bit, along with exercise.

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Agree! Do try the FODMAP


I have both, it takes planning to go anywhere but I've become a master at knowing where all the toilets are en route.


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