Irritation and pain after bowel movement

Hi there I've had ibs on and off past 10 years, I don't understand anymore I've been going to toilet regularly every morning 1_2_3 times so not constipation or diorrhea,then I start feel irritation and pain coming from the rectum,this will last all day I'm starting to feel so tired and depression has set in now, just wondering what I can do to help this cycle stop,feeling really anxious to, don't know if it's what I'm eating or is it stress related, any help greatly appreciated thanks

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  • Have you had this checked out by your doctor? Have you looked into parasites as a potential cause? Worms can cause discomfort in the rectum.

    You may find your IBS is caused by several triggers. You could have a look at this post I wrote on the subject for ideas:

    To help your mood without taking antidepressants there are plant-based over the counter tablets (usually containg valerian) that I found very helpful to get through certain difficult times.

    I also found seeing a Reiki (energy) therapist helped me to relax and offload stress.


  • Could you have internal piles? They might get irritated each time you go!

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