IBS D not every day

Does anyone else have this? I have always gone for days before a bowel movement so this was the norm for me. Anyway since IBS reared its ugly head many years ago now, my symptoms are thus, I again can go a few days without going, but when I do it starts off normal, then sometime later I will need to go again, again normal then probably sometime later still I will need to go yet again and by this time it has changed to diarrhoea. I have read about Silicol gel and wondered if this could be taken spasmodically as I wouldn't need it every day.

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  • Hi this is classic IBS- what about fibogel every day and you mit need to keep a diary on what is stating this off, food wise, and see GP for mebeverine are whatever

    All The Best

  • I take Sillicol every day (Just one dose) and it really helps. Take it with a good probiotic.

  • I'm just the same as you never knowing when it's going to happen it ruins your life

  • Highly recommend silicolgel....pricey but worth it. Take in the morning only and see how you get on. Up dose accordingly. I get mine on Amazon.

  • I'm the same, I can go days without going to the loo and then suddenly I will have to go no warning at all. I'm sick of this it's ruining my life. Sorry for the moan it's just getting me down .

  • Yes thanks everyone I will try silicolgel. I have somehow managed to cover my tracks for years. To cover embarresment, if I am going on a long trip I have resorted to Always Discreet underwear. At least if the worse were to happen, I am covered. Along with this knowledge of toilets on the way is useful.

  • Had you increased your fibre intake before this started? It sounds like you may be taking too much and you need to reduce the amount you are taking.

  • DTH123 Might have done, it is so long ago that it wasn't a problem, I forget what went on exactly. I am drawn into this eat plenty of fruit and veg message so probably have increased that over the years, maybe to my detriment. Having said that, from time to time I cut out this and that from my diet then find it never really made any difference one way or another.

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