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Hi all I seem to be at stale mate

Quick recap

Had weak/dodgy tummy and anxiety since chemo 6 years ago

Seemed to get much worse after hospital stay for gastroenteritis last summer

Started tests Aug/sept samples,bloods,endoscopy,failed colonoscopy,virtual colongraphy ,MRI ,ct

All very traumatic,allergic etc

Last test was a week before Xmas

Only had a phone call since to say nothing like cancer found severe diverticular disease and will discuss any other findings and treatments at follow up.

So I'm in limbo

Put my self dairy and wheat free last summer and have stuck to it losing 2 stone

Did a food diary for a while but couldn't really find triggers . Symptoms maybe a bit better on this diet but not convinced I. Need to be eating expensively!

Time to start ringing hospital? I know they are behind

Isnit the hospital refer you to dietitian?

Thanks for reading x

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Yes phone and ask it won't do any harm.

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