Anxiety after a broken ankle

This anxitety is new to me, but not IBSD had that for a while , but once I broke my ankle a few weeks later the anxiety came and it is terrible I can hardly funtion..Im taking some things for anxiety that you can buy from the pharmacy, but they dont seem to do too much, maybe a little. Im an older woman and am on lots of meds for dibetes, HBP, lupus, dont know what would work, im about ready to go to a shrink. Some say mine is situational, and will go away, has anyone had a situational problem with the anxiety and had it finally go away? How long did it take and did you take med's they gave me tranqulizer but im afraid to use it too much as they are addicting..any answers out there? Thanks

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  • Usually the anxiety is because of urgency to get to a loo, maybe an ‘accident’ or a near miss, creating a vicious circle. Did having a broken ankle and you mentioned being an older woman (I’m 72) exacerbate the situation? I had a pretty nasty fall a year ago which knocked the stuffing out of me and seemed to highlight my IBSD which I’ve had all my adult life. More in control now so my advice is that it will sort itself but be careful of even more meds!

  • Hi, I dont think it was cause of my age im very spry and in decent shape not like a usual 72 yr old, and my IBSD seems actually somewhat better since ive now got this stupid anxiety maybe the pills are stopping me up some lol, ive had that for a long time and never had anxiety till after my ankle, of course when your getting the ibs your feeling terrible and urgent to get to the bathroom but once I went it was fine..thanks so much for writing me..

  • Hi I fractured 2 metatarsal in my foot and I got really anxious. Once my foot healed (after 6 months) the anxiety situation improved. I was on anxiety medication and have since weaned of it. I found an excellent physio who helped with my anxieties and got me walking again.

  • Hi, thanks for answering me, it has been 2 months since my break on my ankle, and ive been walking on it with out a boot for almost 2 weeks now. So it is not like Im not getting around, so you never had this before your break too? did you take the anxiety med's for a long time and was it hard to wean off? I am scared to take it and have been taking some over the counter mood type pills which cut the edge off but doesnt really help, been doing deep breathing and affrimations, seems to help some. When you say you found a physio, do you mean a shrink or a thyrapst ? sorry my spelling is terrible, thanks for your help..

  • A physiotherapist to help with the healing of the foot as that was the main cause of my anxiety. I also had cognitive behaviour therapy for anxiety.

  • Thanks for responding, do you feel that it was worth the behaviour therapy? was there something they did that was the main thing that helped or just being able to talk to someone?

  • The therapy helps by getting you to think more positively and gives help with how to cope with the anxiety.

  • Hi, yes im reading books on that and deep breathing etc..thanks for your help..

  • See your GP and explain everything to them. There are other options than tranquilizers for anxiety. I too broke my ankle. It's tough but try and embrace the fact that you can't run around doing everything, watch some films and things you wouldn't normally do. I am on low level antidepressants for my ibs and they help with the anxiety, that could be an option. Speak to your doctor asap

  • Thank you for answering, I am going to speak to the Dr. Mon. how long did it take for your antidepressants to kick in? and can you still take the over the counter anxitety pills till it does? Did you get the anxiety after your ankle too? How long have you had this? Im taking that it didnt just go away after a time , because some say it can be situational, and will just go away in time, do you find that to be true? How long are you on the antidepressants? Thanks for writing me back..

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