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I have had IBS for a long time and didn't even know I what I was suffering from for years. Lots of tests and nothing ever found. I can more often than not control it but occasionally it still gets me. When it does my stomach discomfort can last for quite a while. Maybe a week or more. My doctor says it shouldn't last this long so I was wondering if anyone else`s goes on for long periods? Mostly mild stomach ache which ruins my sleep.

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  • Mine can last 3/4 maybe more at a time few months..

  • Do you follow the low FODMAP diet - this may help generally. copy and paste the link into your browser ibsdiets.org/fodmap-diet/fo...

    Also I find Yakult very good for constipation. One daily. Hope that helps.


  • Hi no haven't tried this but it makes interesting reading, I have already spotted some foods I maybe should avoid so thanks.

  • Chris, I used to be a long-term IBS sufferer.

    Have a look at my blog. You may find some inspiration on it: SickofIBS.com


  • Thanks I will take a look over the weekend.

  • I am in the throws of an acute attack that has lasted for over two weeks now. Constant liquid stools up to six times a day. Makes me feel depressed, very weak, lethargic, housebound and lost 5 lbs in weight. No cure just trying to manage it myself with a very restrictive diet. I have had IBS for years it can be a debilitating condition. I am 61 years old now. Good luck just ride it out.

  • I have ibs (predominantly bloating and cramps) with out any physical cause as all blood tests came back clear some years back, so I put it solely down to stress and anxiety. I have tried many medicines in search of real relief with out much success. Recently though I have tried a product called Silicolgel which so far seems to be brilliant for me!

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