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Newly diagnosed


Hi all,

I was diagnosed with IBS last week and have been prescribed mebeverine to take for a month then go back for a review. My GP recommended I check out this page to read about other people's experiences with IBS.

Although I've noticed improvements after a week on the tablets, I wondered if anyone has any advice on foods etc to avoid or ways to ease symptoms?

Thanks in advance!

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Find out what your triggers are is a help . those tablets help me .. Peppermint tea helps too


Thank you Satsuma. I was thinking of starting a food diary to determine triggers...for the last wee while before the tablets it seemed to be everything I ate but that's calming down luckily. I'll give the peppermint tea a try!

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A food diary is a great idea. You can download cheap aps for your phone to track foods and symptoms. For many people gluten and dairy are issues. For others, high FODMAP foods (search online - many fruits and vegetables). For myself, I find several of the FODMAP foods, plus corn (and corn starch, corn syrup, etc) to be my biggest triggers, along with stress. Seems everyone is a bit different and it's trial and error. I do most of my own baking now, and make most of my own sauces as then I know what goes into it. Good luck and post if you have any questions.

Ask your doctor to refer you to a dietician who is trained to advise you about the FODMAP diet. The dietitian will ask you to keep a food diary. It has helped a great many people . It is not a good idea to go it alone. In the meantime, go on line to Monash University. Melbourne, Australia, where the diet was first put into practice, to give you an idea what it is all about. No two people are exactly alike as to what their trigger foods are, but onions and garlic are bad news for the majority of IBS sufferers. Good luck in getting the right help to manage your symptoms

Hi there. Sorry to hear you joined us in a way. It seems to be the silent epedemic. I agree with with other replies, not everyone responds to the same thing so don't get despondent if something you try doesn't work. With the food, I would say be sensible. No fast food and pre packaged as you will have a nightmare knowing what the triggers are. Don't do anything drastic and give whatever you try time to work. Keep chatting.


Thank you all for the advice, much appreciated!

All good advice from the previous replies definitely start a good diary - I too have only recently been diagnosed and I'm still trying to find out my triggers but definite one is onions ! I can also recommend peppermint oil capsules they really help me. Good luck and hope you are starting to feel better soon x


You don't say what your symptoms are

I couldn't give any advice unless I know your symptoms

Hello Happy Christmas to you

I have never had any medication for my IBS and recognise that many folk di and it can help. The FODMAP diet is the thing many people use. When I cut out crap; biscuits , pastries, coffee,processed food etcetera I have few symptoms. I dont follow the FODMAP but use the lists to guide me. Best wishes



Thank you and merry Christmas to you too!

The GP gave me medication after I lost weight due to it so hopefully they continue to help!

Symptoms I find cause the most issues (aside from the toilet ones!) is cramping, I've been doubled over a few times it's just so uncomfortable.

Definitely a food diary. Although I haven't tried a FODMAP diet I am 'loosely' following a soluable fibre diet. I mean 'loosely' as I am still eating peas and sometimes broccoli (I know that peas affect me but they don't affect me to the degree of some other vegetables). I seem to be able to tolerate broccoli for a couple of days then I have to stop eating it for a couple of weeks and then eat it again. The soluable fibre diet (all fruit and vegetables are to be peeled) seems really good and that's mainly eating root vegetables i.e. carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes, normal potatoes (I rarely eat these as I much prefer sweet potatoes), butternut squash etc. I also eat fruit without peel on and don't have any problems with this.

I suffer with problems if I eat sweetcorn, broccoli (if eaten in excess i.e. every day), cauliflowers, cabbage and all other greens, onions etc. I have also cut out wholemeal bread (that's not good for me as I love wholemeal bread) so I eat seeded white bread, sourdough bread (I really like sourdough so am going to study how to make it - it's quite a process) but unfortunately I do not like packaged white bread. Fresh white bread is definitely the best as it doesn't have so many nasties in it i.e. preservatives etc.

I take Buscupan if I have tummy pain (that's my main problem) but am not getting it as much since I have changed my diet. I also take multivitamins which are Multibionta (you can get these in lots of places if you are in the UK and I tend to get them in Boots). The reason why I take these is because I read an article on IBS many years ago in a magazine where a chap said his IBS was so much better after taking these.

Hope you find the above useful.


Thanks crazyfitness that all really helpful!

Also if low FODMAP doesn't help try the 'FAST TRACT DIET' - I bought the book and app and it's really helping. Good luck.

Hello. I have to ask what it the medication to ease constipation and cramps or diarrhea? Went to my GP with my symptoms (both) and was asked to make a food diary. Explained I had already done this and can eat same meal and sometimes be okay other times not. Was given a print out of IBS and told to take gel drink laxative and told nothing can be done for me. Now I am reading others getting medication on first appointment?

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