Just a Question

Just a Question

Hi,All,I haven't been on here in a while,so just a Quickie update.

I suffer severely with chronic " IBS". Now I've spent most of my day today reading about LECTINS,which is food. I'm no doctor but the way I read it,is they come from the nightshade plant,and cause,Leaky Gut,or it's sometimes called SIBO.

Now my Question being,has anyone else read up on these,and could anyone give me a list of the worst ones to leave out of my diet,just to give it a go.

Now the other one I've been reading about is POLYHENOLS which seem to be good for us,I've listed a few of them. But it's the baddies I want to reduce,to give that a go.

Since,nothing or nobody seems to have a clue what's wrong with me,and a lot of you to.

Maybe the "IBS" Network maybe able to help. 🙄🙄

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  • Hi there Gemini I feel for you as I suffer with chronic Ibs .The pain is the worst for me brings me to tears .I also have a thyroid problem so suffer with terrible fatigue .

  • Hi

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